1. akash22

    mp3 tagger

    hey guys i need some help on a software . i have lots of mp3 files but some of them r like track 1 track 2. i mean they don't have correct info. about album,etc.cud u guys tell me which is the best mp3 tagger available in the market. i used wmp11 to get the info but when tried to play same song...
  2. N

    Need help to setup a browsing center!!!!!

    Hi all!!! I am new to this forum... I am started a browsing center last month... It contains 6 clients and one server, all are using Winxp pro with sp3... Server has 2 Network Interface Card's, First with ISP's Static ip 123.238.XXX.XXX Second NIC with the following info...
  3. evewin89

    AMD Athlon II x4 processor showing 784 MHz speed?

    Hello guys. i just wanna know why my system info. is showing wrong info. as i have AMD Athlon II x4 processor 2.8Ghz. but in the system properties its showing its speed as 784 MHz. and i have installed 2GB corsair 1333Mhz DDR3 ram which is showing as 1.75GB in the system properties.Hello...
  4. toad_frog09

    Need a phone around 5k.

    So, like the title says, I need a cellphone for my sis. I'm using mobile opera for surfing so cant fill the questionnaire, but i'l try to mention all the specific details. . My budget is 5k (+1.5-2k if its really worth it). Display should be as big as possible in a bar/slide type, numpad...
  5. leo61611616

    WordPress Gets Gravatar Hovercards has rolled out a new feature called “Gravatar Hovercards” today. Gravatar Hovercards will show additional information about a user such as there name, bio, pictures, and their contact info at other services they use on the web like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Read More...
  6. Pragadheesh

    Continuously display 'cell info display' in my N79

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any software to continuously display 'cell info display' or the tower information in my nokia N79 mobile. Because even after turning the 'Cell info display' ON, i'm getting only junk alerts and not the tower information when i badly need it, like...
  7. H

    Dead or defective laptops and laptop parts

    Only one condition : Items need to be shipped to me in Calicut, Kerala before I release payment. Modus Operandi : If you have stuff to offer, provide following info : 1. brand and model no. of laptop, with complete specs or link to this info. 2. Defects 3. last recorded battery backup...
  8. iinfi

    how to obtain BIOS details

    i am able to get the bios version & date from siw.exe BIOS.DATE BIOS_ID BIOS_MANUFACTURER BIOS_MODEL any s/w which will give all this info? both windows and linux? or will we get it only from the BIOS screen when the system boots?
  9. R

    are sdrams still available???

    hi guys, just took out my old pc from storage. its working fine but has low ram 128mb which does not allow smooth running of win xp. so was wondering if sd rams are still available so that i can upgrade it. ebay shows few vendors but i donno if its genuine. plz reply if u guys have any info.
  10. K

    Where to buy ORIGINAL latest PC games?

    I am looking for the latest PC games like Batman-Arkam Asylum, Mini Ninjas ...etc. Any idea from where I can buy these, I am in Bangalore. Any online stores ? I have searched and found none. Thanks in advance for sharing the info.
  11. vikasg03

    Where is MBR residing

    Hi, I am having window xp proff sp2 in c and d partition. Due to some reason i want to re-install window xp prof sp2 in c drive again by formating c drive. Just want to know where is this MBR/ boot info residing. like if i run xp from d drive and format c drive usgin GUI, is it erase my...
  12. K

    Compro dealers in India?

    Hi.. I'm planning to buy a compro tv tuner card and am not able to find any information on their authorised dealers here in chennai.. in their USA website.. Anybody any idea? Info. on their service center's locally would also be helpful.. Thanks..
  13. K

    Laptop 1GB PC2-4200 (533Mhz) RAM?

    Anyone able to help me know the cost price of the memory component in the title..? I tried searching the other two sticky threads but could not find much info.. Any help is appreciated. thanks...
  14. paroh

    Facebook users get 6 months of free McAfee

    More info *
  15. puneetgarg

    Hardware Info Software

    Hey guys check this out * quite an awesome software which provides a lot of info about your hardware... (which i was not able to understand though) just found it while surfing so thought of sharing its a freeware so do try this one out sorry if already...
  16. TheHumanBot

    Get Your Free License for 'USB Safely Remove 4.1!

    More INFO : * I dont have anything to SAY :grin:
  17. U

    BUYING SPEAKERS.. Help needed!

    hi all :twisted: I want to buy a 2.1 computer speakers.. My Budget is upto Rs.3000 I would be using it for Music/Gaming and Movies. .. please recommend good speakers with any other helpful info thanks..:lol:
  18. U

    BUYING SPEAKERS.. Help needed

    hi all :twisted: I want to buy a 2.1 computer speakers.. My Budget is upto Rs.3000 I would be using it for Music/Gaming and Movies. .. please recommend good speakers with any other helpful info thanks..:lol:
  19. A

    Is your Palm Pre spying on you?

    Users of the Palm Pre were shocked by reports that the popular little handset periodically phones home with details on where you are, and what you're doing. Is Palm up to no good, and is it the only phone manufacturer that's gathering your info? Read On
  20. D

    broadband connection problem

    I am using home 500.Is there any way to find my connection's name on bsnl's website?, they give unnecessary info but my connection name which is ( home 500 ) is not written there.plz help........
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