1. ShankJ

    Graphic Card Problem

    I own a pavilion dv4-5009tx laptop with a Nvidia GT-630M 2GB DDR3 graphic card.. I'm not very pleased:cry: with the fps it is giving in games such as max Payne 3 and MW3 at medium settings.. Is there any guaranteed way of improving the gaming experience or should i go for overclocking the...
  2. T

    A mysterious wedding gift

    hi,guy,my best sister get married , so i want to buy A mysterious wedding gift for her and her husband, do you have any idea??
  3. theserpent

    Not able to connect my nexus 10 to wifi[Tethered using nokia e6-joku)

    Hey there Guys i tethered my nokia e6 using joku spot. My ipod,laptop are able to detect it but the nexus 10 is not even able to detect it. Any idea how to get it to connect and detect? Asked in XDA too, but no reply :(
  4. S

    BSNL Broad \band or Idea 3G ?

    BSNL 750 UL or 900 UL plan or Idea 3G unlimited plan ? Which is good ? I am a power user Web designer Consider minimum 4 hours browsing / day . 1 - 3 Movies/ week 1 - 4 Games / week 20 - 50 Songs / Week 10 - 20 Videos / Week 100+ you tube streams in 480p / Week 30+ emails / week...
  5. H

    Indian police vision-2025

    Hi friends... I just want ur opinion/ ideas or views to improve police system... Weather it may be traffic, home guards,armed reserve or general police.. Please send your ideas how our indian police should be in the year 2025..
  6. cacklebolt

    [Q] 3rd Gen Pentiums release date??

    I read on many sites about the new generation of Pentiums released along with IB..cant find them here. Any idea about their release date??? And is the Intel G850 available in the local market??
  7. D

    Need a Tablet Within 10 K ??

    Guys, Please suggest me with some of the best ranked tablet under 10 K which serves the following purpose of mine. Movies Games Browsing Connectivity : Bluetooth, Wifi , USB dongle Screen Size : 9 ~ 10.1 Inch Camera with > 2 Mp My Idea MicroMax Funbook Pro ( but it lacks...
  8. blackpearl

    18-55mm + 55-300mm OR 18-200/300mm?

    I just got my first DSLR Nikon d5100, and was looking at a few possible future purchases. I like the idea of a single all-in-one lens but I'm worried about the image quality. Technically, two dedicated short zoom lens (18-55mm + 55-300mm) will offer better quality than a single 18-300mm...
  9. CarlonSamuels

    wanna update GFX under 14k

    What are my best options I wanna buy either (i) HD 7850 1 gb (ii)GTX 560Ti (iii)GTX 650 Any idea when the 650ti will release Or should i buy a 2nd HD 6850 and upgrade my PSU
  10. TechnoHolic

    What does the term "Overlock" Mean..?

    Over lock means...??---to make system optimized for better performance.. How can i overlock ... what does it need..??! is any kind of software is needed to do this...!! Need to know..i know it's a kiddy type question..but i really don't have any idea..please answer..
  11. bubusam13

    New Games for low profile hardware

    Hi friends, I need some game for a friend of mine. He have a i5, 2gb ddr3, intel 3000 graphics I suppose(inbuilt) I want new games with good graphics that can run in these settings. I donot have so much idea, so asking. Yes he may buy a mid range graphics card. Adventure and shooter games...
  12. M

    Where can I find Micromax A100 Superfone Canvas in India?

    Although it has been launched, I cannot find it anywhere! Does anyone have an idea when will it be available in the market or if it already is, where may I find it? Thanks.
  13. ithehappy

    Advice on an Electric Shaver please?

    It's for my elder bro. He has a tough beard and asking me what electric shaver would be best. Frankly after searching Panasonic and Philips (and some Brauns) I have NO idea what are good and what are bad! So if anyone here uses one already please advice me one. Budget probably is 4-5 k. And...
  14. dashang

    need some engg ideas for ganpati stage

    Guys!!! As we are Engineers , i thought there should be some engg done in ganpati stage what we decorate .... i had idea of keeping chargeable tiles ... what happens is when someone keeps leg on plates , it generates some amount of electricity was shown in discovery ...
  15. P

    Which is better for gaming an i5 with nvidia gt650m or i7 with raedon hd7730?

    My main purpose is gaming. I want to pla y upcoming gtaV bf3 etc high graphics 3d game. s smoothly whether it is on ultra medium or or low setting (not too low :) ) . My budget is 50k but can add 5k. From my above question you must got an idea of which laptop am I taking i.e. Samsung n550p5c...
  16. CommanderShawnzer

    Student's phone in less than 9K

    well i'm looking for a phone(my mom says strictly for comm. but i say otherwise) i'm looking for android phone so which should i choose samsung galaxy Y or HTC explorer any idea if i can cram a htc explorer in 6-7k?? i dont want homegrown brands like karbonn ,micromaxx etc
  17. A_ashish_A


    Hello guys I ve bought asus rt n13u router. When I try to add torrent in download manager a loading bar appears for a couple of seconds and nothing happens. Any idea why it its happening or successfully add torrent?
  18. avichandana20000

    Intruder alert

    My pc is in shutdown status. and i am not in my home(SAY OFFICE). Now if someone starts up my pc and breaks the password somehow and logs in, i want to be alerted immediately by a SMS in my mobile that intrusion happens. Any idea how to do that?
  19. angie

    Gaming Rig for 50k

    Hi, My friend wants to build a gaming rig. Budget: 50K (at most 55k) When: Within 2 weeks (at most by end of Sep) Buying preference: Local/Online Monitor: Yes. Size 22 inch (Resolution: Not sure) Mouse/Keyboard/speaker : NO Have I assembled before: No Hard Disk: 1 TB at least. OS: Windows 7/8...
  20. Techniboy

    Just a basic enquiry for a Laptop

    I am not keen to buy a laptop right now but i have no idea when i will buy it, so i am just inquiring information... /:wink::wink: QUESTIONNAIRE 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR max budget 40k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14-16 "...
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