1. icebags

    Where to get a front panel drawer ?

    found pictures of these while browsing the net, any idea where to get them? seems pretty useful to utilize the 5" bays of pc.
  2. TechnoBOY

    when will be 3g outdated like 2g did ???

    dose any one have any idea about this or when will 3g phones outdated
  3. TechnoBOY

    Will i get 3g in vodafone via idea ??

    hello, i heard that idea and vodafone are joining to avail 3g in places where the dont have license, in my place idea 3g service is available for idea so if i take 3g in vodafone do i get 3g speed??
  4. vanpr7

    Best 120/128 Gb SSD

    As the title says I was looking for a good SSD to add to my rig to increase the performance a little and because of money restrictions I think 120/128e GB should be enough to install the OS and the applications. Plan on keeping all the data and games on my HDD. Had zeroed in on Samsung EVO...
  5. sahil1033

    UPS dead !!

    I have this UPS. It's just not starting up. It's not been used for long, I guess the reason is being it's battery dead. I've zero idea about UPS. So, how can I put it to use again? Any idea? Also, I upgraded my desktop. Replaced my old 350W PSU with Corsair GS600. So, will the current UPS be...
  6. nomad47

    Overclocking with Gigabyte EasyTune

    Hey guys. As far as I non K Haswell Processors are locked and can't be overclocked. But I downloaded the Gigabyte EasyTune software out of curiosity and am surprised to find that it is allowing me to modify core voltage, core multiplier etc. Any idea what's happening? My Proc+MoBo is i5 4670...
  7. J

    Laptop for After Effects, Photoshop, Light Gaming

    Hey guys, Need pointers as i've totally lost touch of the whole laptop configurations. I had a HP DV6 1110ax , bought in 2008 which finally died last week. I still tried to get it repaired but the service guy told the proccy is gone, and even repairs wont make it last more than a month. He...
  8. A

    Need suggestion for a gaming rig under the budget 85K

    *‎1. What is the purpose of the computer and what kind of applications and games will be run? Ans: Mostly for gaming ( Crysis3, Watch_Dogs, Max Payne 3, FIFA 14 and upcoming games in next 4-5 years), Some official works in visual studio and HD movies...
  9. S

    financial management?

    Hi All, I have a small manufacturing business. I was thinking of taking a loan and expanding my business... Any idea how to go about it?
  10. seamon

    16 GB Ram.

    Should I upgrade to 16 GB Ram? I currently have 8GB in Lenovo Y500. I was thinking about Corsair Vengeance or Kingston HyperX. Is it required or should I wait for some time? Is 8 GB ram enough for current-next gen games? - - - Updated - - - Is it a good idea to upgrade? Anyone?
  11. T

    Is down?

    I have been trying to access since last week and the website seems to be down. I have accessed using two different ISPs (Vodafone, Idea) but still to no avail. I wanted to know 2G-3G common data plans for Prepaid connection.
  12. M

    Any Idea about 4K UHD TV from China ?

    Hi guys,i recently came across few 4k UHD TV models availability in China. They are available for decent or in fact at a very cheap price for its configuration. Companies like TCL , Hisense, Seiki etc. I would like to know from the experts here are they worth buying it now from China at this...
  13. shankar_psn

    game renting

    saw these 2 sites ... * Online Shopping India Buy Movies Online : are the genuine ? if genuine , any idea of how good their service is ? any other sites like this ?
  14. TheHumanBot

    conferance phone with extra speakers?

    hi guys, i need to buy 1 phone device for conference. 5-6 people can talk easily and if possible they each one have a speaker and in-built mic with it. anyone knows anything like this ? no idea what to google ); Help Please. it's urgent. :|
  15. srkmish

    PC Hangs if i kick the CPU Cabinet

    So if i accidentally kick the CPU Cabinet near my legs, my PC stops responding. Nothing helps and i have to reboot by powering off/on. Any idea why this happens and what could be done to avoid it?
  16. A

    The Samsung galaxy note 3

    Anyone having any idea of the note 3??
  17. M

    Change home network

    Hi friends I would like to know some information regarding mobile network.I am using idea mobile service from Kerala and due to some job related matters I will be gone to Tamil Nadu and I would like to retain my existing number.Is it possible I mean can I transfer my Kerala idea network to...
  18. Chetan1991

    Best 3G plans?

    Hey everyone. Can someone post a link about some site where one can find all 3G plans offered by major operators all over India? I'm from Shimla and the 1GB for Rs 250 charged here by Idea is exorbitant. BSNL has just launched 1GB for Rs. 125 plan but their speed might not be great. So I'm...
  19. K

    Root lenovo idea tab A2107A-H ONLY ROOT NO RECOVERY OR ROM

    Hi guys wanted to root my new tablet and I'm not sure how to do it It's a Lenovo idea tab 2107a-h running stock rom 4.0.3 16gb dual sim I saw a few threads in xda devs but they all are flashing recovery and roms which I don't want to risk and do Plus will just rooting have a chance of...
  20. Chetan1991

    How to unlock Idea netsetter (Huawei E1732) ?

    Hey guys I want to unlock my Idea netsetter (Huawei e1732) since many operators have slashed prices while Idea still charge an exorbitant 250 for 1 GB data. If anyone knows how to do it please mention the step by step process or point me to a webpage documenting it. I've seen many such...
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