1. Terabyte

    Third year please

    I am currently doing Diploma in Computer Technology. This July my third year in this course will start off. I actually don't have the exact idea what project i should do. Please guys help me out. Please suggest some topics for project. Thanks!
  2. S

    A Modded PS2

    I would like to buy a modded PS2. Currently I'm in Delhi. Any suggestions, or anyone want to sell it off. P.S. I don't have any any idea about gaming consoles. So any help would be useful.
  3. phil2097

    help me get a decent gaming rig under 30k

    i need a gaming rig under 30k this is a short idea of wat i need but its free to be edited .. . . . amd phenom 555 BE 890gx motherboard 2gb ddr3 1gb or 512mb ddr5 gpu- 5650 or 5770 iball baby 360 cabinet wit 400w psu n 2 fan acer lcd 20.5in seagate baracuda 1tb hdd lg dvd drive wit light...
  4. C

    Help abt Idea Net setter

    I recently purchased Idea Net setter connection,plz tell me how to see the amount of data I have I have downloaded, on the idea website. Also tell me username and password for the same.
  5. A

    I want New 320 GB Ide Hard Disk

    I want New 320 GB Ide Hard Disk with warranty Where to get it in bombay i can get 160 gb but i cant get 320 gb (new) i want ide hard disk only . any idea where to get it and what cost . please pm me

    Bulk sms providers..

    Frnds I need a bulk sms provider in Delhi NCR for my company promotion. So, plz suggest if you have any idea about it. I need high priority, method of delivery and low rates. If anybody using it or have any idea plz share ur comments.
  7. R

    whats the price of iphone 3g and 3gs??

    hi guys wanted to know the latest prices of iphone 3g and 3gs if an1 has any idea. also suggest me from where should i buy it in mumbai.
  8. windchimes

    TMV Pune.. A deemed university?

    Guys, Any one knows the details of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth ( TMV) * which seems to be a deemed university since 1987. Came to know about a new course which is about to get started under TMV in management but have no idea on this "deemed university"? Any one from...
  9. Charley

    Mcafee AV updates not working

    Since last week, Mcafee AV updates are not working after downloading ..... Any idea, why ?
  10. S

    Help me choose a Tablet for Rs,3000

    Hi frienzz :smile: i plan 2 buy a Tablet for using in Photoshop purpose ..But unfortunely i don't have idea about it...if someone have idea.. plz suggest me..which one is best for my work...
  11. B

    Home PC for very basic gaming within 30k - please suggest

    My uncle wants to buy a new PC for surfing, watching movies and playing some basic games. He was adamant on buying an i5 earlier but now seems to be willing to listen to reason and let go of that idea. Can you please suggest a PC for him keeping in mind the following things: Budget is...
  12. openSUSE

    write C prgm to delete comments in in any C prgm

    hi..friends .... could u please help me to write this prgm ...........:idea:
  13. K

    Compro dealers in India?

    Hi.. I'm planning to buy a compro tv tuner card and am not able to find any information on their authorised dealers here in chennai.. in their USA website.. Anybody any idea? Info. on their service center's locally would also be helpful.. Thanks..
  14. X

    Budget desktop config suggestions required !

    Alright a friend of mine needs a desktop on a tight budget. 22k for everything. Will be used for mostly movies and playing songs so onboard sound proccy should be good. Preferrably having a 7.1 output on the backpanel. I suppose an AMD config will just do fine, although I have no idea on which...
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