BSNL Broad \band or Idea 3G ?


BSNL 750 UL or 900 UL plan or Idea 3G unlimited plan ?
Which is good ?
I am a power user
Web designer

Consider minimum 4 hours browsing / day .
1 - 3 Movies/ week
1 - 4 Games / week
20 - 50 Songs / Week
10 - 20 Videos / Week
100+ you tube streams in 480p / Week
30+ emails / week
and like wise . ..

BSNL Broadband and Idea 3G are the only two options in my area.

One of my friends say that everyone is disconnecting BSNL land line , and why should I take one ..!!
my income is not stable , may be on next month , I may have to cancel it.
What to do ?

Thanks in advance.


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there is no such thing as truly unlimited 3g plan in India.usually after 10gb speeds are reduced to pathetic 144kbps or if lucky 256kbps(30KB/s).
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