1. theserpent

    Lg:Tripple sim phone

    Three's no crowd for LG and MediaTek; triple-SIM smartphones coming soon
  2. acidCow

    Replace TIM or buy a new heatsink?

    So I have a 5 year old desktop running on Core2 Duo E7400. Lately it was running hot ( could hear the fans frequently) so I decided to take it apart completely and clean everything. When I removed the stock heatsink, the previous thermal compound was just a dry layer (I have no idea if this...
  3. akhilc47

    Help needed to connect lumia 720 to internet via laptop wifi

    Hi, My laptop is connected to internet through a proxy server. It has a proxy address like hproxy.abcd.xx and a port no-3128. It also has an authentication procedure. I've to type my username and password for connecting. Now I've a lumia 720 with me and I want to browse internet on my phone...
  4. lovedonator

    Is starting a Gaming oriented Cyber Cafe a good idea?

    I'm looking to start-up a business and it has to be something tech related because that's the only field where I'll be able to work passionately. The best thought I have right now is starting a Gaming cafe. I'm from Rewa,Madhya Pradesh. For those who don't know it's a no metropolis but still a...
  5. D

    MNP From DoCoMo to iDEA

    Hello All, :-) I am porting to idea from docomo, reasons are - poor coverage & frequent gprs disconnection. I have given documents to idea office yesterday, how much time will it take generally ? Is Idea good ? thanks.
  6. T

    I am looking for a quick review / Suggestion / Idea about my .Net C# Application.

    Dear all TD Members, I am looking for a quick review/Suggestion/Idea about my .Net Application and it’s Interface. This is Demo Software (Some features are disable from this Demo Version). I also want to test this app in different Operating system, so Please Download this software in...
  7. sentacy

    Need a speaker system

    Hi friends, I am new to this section, so please help me with this. My cousin has bought a 42'' inch LG SMART 3D LED TV which have an OPTICAL AUDIO output. I don't have any idea about this so can you please suggest me any audio speakers for the same. The size of the room is 20 feet x 20 feet so...
  8. ithehappy

    Suggestion on a Scooty?

    Need one, for roaming here and there. Which one would be best, for mileage, engine wise (know those two can't go together, still)? Have heard that there are some which runs on battery, is that even true? Budget: No idea, as I don't know how much they cost! Should be 30-35k I think! Thanks in...
  9. wwwescape


    Hi, I am planning to buy a budget pair of binoculars and a telescope for leisure star gazing. I've seen a number of binoculars and telescopes on but have no idea which ones to go in for. Can anyone offer me some good advice and suggestions? Thanks.
  10. T

    Running Wireless Router on an Inverter

    How much would a router consume? Output= 9V , 0.6 A. Will it be a good idea to run this router on inverter when power supply is off?
  11. TheMost

    Advice for Graphic card ( repair or new purchase )

    Guys I have some problem with my graphic card and that started to give me some problem. Details of problem I don't have an idea whether to repair this - worth the repair or I should buy a new one. If repairing this is a good idea any idea where can this card be repaired in chennai :| ...
  12. R

    Suggest Idea for Short feature film

    Hi Guys!I want to create a short feature film(~5-10minutes) for my school project :-D .But I didn't find any good story :cry: . Please suggest me some good idea,story which give social message.(It would be good if u give some idea related to Computer,Mobile).
  13. Ironman

    Where to Post it ?

    How to put this ...............................:| Well i have started a ............. Startup Company............ Atleast trying What i offer ? I Recover Data from Damaged , Corrupted Storage Devices Like HDD , SD Cards ( Portable , External & Internal) But i have no idea on how to...
  14. 1

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 not working

    i tried to install the Adobe Illustrator CS6 trial version on my lappie. the browser downloads the download assistant but thereafter nothing happens...any idea as to why this is happening? i m using WIN 8 pls help me out guys
  15. S

    A good configuration for a 15-20k rig...?

    Planning to buy a new rig....extremely tight on budget....:-( What i dont want... monitor,keyboard and mouse,ups... What i want ..... a good configuration in range 15-20k... CPU-amd or intel Mobo-no idea Ram-minimimum 4gb HDD-1tb PSU-no idea GPU-no idea Case-no idea What would...
  16. G

    How often to open up your cabinet ?

    So today I opened up my pc, took out all parts & cleaned out the dust & there was a lot of it, I do this around every 3 months for about the last one year, since I upgraded to this rig. I don't really like taking off the cpu fan, The time before I had some trouble putting it on back, This time...
  17. S

    Corsair h80i in india?when?

    hey myself sahil from mumbai.i have most of parts in my system from obviously i love CORSAIR products cause of their quality and performance. i wanted to buy corsair h80i cpu liquid cooler but cant find it anywhere...anyone have any idea about their release date in india? or...
  18. dan4u

    where to buy Spudger from?

    Any idea where I can get spudgers from?? like these ones
  19. M

    New Idea smartphone Ivory launched in India for 7390 bucks

    this is the new Idea Dual SIM smartphone Ivory launched in India : ROM is 4GB & RAM is 512 MB 8-) 1 Ghz processor Android 4.0 ICS:shock: 3G HDPA 2100/900, DL 7.2Mbps/UL 5.76Mbps :wink: Dual SIM 3.2 MP fixed focus camera Battery :Li-Ion 1300 mAh and price is 7390 bucks. :shock: i'm...
  20. nseries73

    Gaming Laptop

    Want to buy a high end gaming laptop budget 1.3lacs- 1.6lacs suggest me that I will get in KOLKATA............. ANY IDEA WHEN THE NEXT GENERATION OF ALIENWARE LAPTOPS WILL RELEASE IN INDIA???
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