1. T


    I have Oracle 9i Database Server and yahoo msger installed on my Pc ----when i start my pc there is some error about the ONRSD.exe file of Oracle followed by yahoo msger not loaded during startup. Then when u say OK to both the errors the pc goes damn slow and regains normalcy only after 3-4...
  2. Ashis

    Can't LogIn to any web account...What went Wrong?

    Hi Guys! This is Ashis....asking help on a topic...on my friend VijayTheFool's behalf! It seams that his system is scrued & he can't login to any WebSite! He doesn't use any firewall & has a DialUp connection! Whenever he tries to login....all that errors he get is:- ' cannot find server...
  3. C

    Top CD Burning problems

    i happened to stumble upon this valuable info. thought it might be of use to many. Top CD Burning problems *************************** This is a list of the most common reasons for burn failures. If you are having successful burns, these steps are not needed. 1.)Make sure you treat...
  4. A

    Digit DVD/CD - autostart - index.exe error

    When I insert the DVD/CD from Digit it doesn’t open automatically as it used to be. Untill yesterday every thing was fine. I installed professional and cleaned registry suggested by it and I had done backup also. The error message is “INDEX.exe has generated errors and...
  5. G

    ZA issues with DL manager

    ZA setups have an issue with dl managers. do not use a dl manager to download the setups or u will get the following errors. *
  6. G

    Do i change the smps ?

    I've got a AMD sempron 2600+ on a Asus a7n8x vm/400 With onboard Geforce 4mx and 512 mb of ram . The problem is that this system generates blue screen errors frequently. My SMPS is of 230v from Mercury. Can that be athe problem ? Do i change it to a 350v or 400v Supply
  7. Vyasram

    C progs not running

    I have a sys with athlon 64 3000+, 512mb ram, 160gb sata hdd, 6600gt graphics while running simple c programs(console apps) with loops in them on windows (both) it generates errors and auto closes... these work fine on other pcs .What's the soln?
  8. K

    xp is auto logout immediately after login - pls help

    After I login to win xp, it was immediately logged out. it takes me to loading user preferences, then immediately to saving user settings without even showing the desktop. It does NOT show any errors like paging file missing or virtual memory low. :( Pls help me to fix this problem
  9. A

    FreeBSD on Digit DVD

    I was very excited that I will now get a pure UNIX OS. However There were many problems in installation. My harddisk has got Windows XP installed on it and when I tried to install FreeBSD I could not instal the X-windows system My moniter just showed some weird things and I had to restart. I...
  10. K


    I had 128 Mb PC133MHz RAM on a VIA V845SX Motherboard with a P4 1.7GHz processor and ran XP Pro SP2. I decided to add more RAM and got another RAM of similar configuration but of different company. I put them together and the problem began. My computer started freezing a lot. BSODs on XP saying...
  11. koolbluez

    Guyz usin Sony DRU720A 16x DVD writer... help me phulease...

    I bought a Sony DRU720A 16x DualLayer DVD writer recently. DOUBT ONE: The 1st 2 data DVDs i wrote with it gave huge errors... that too after takin lots of time... about 50 min. each... goin to 80% then hang... errors... The second DVD got burnt i suppose but DATA sector errors cropped...
  12. sagar_coolx


    i tried using the above software,as mentioned in this month's digit. but when i tried converting an avi to vcd.i failed . all the three encoders gave some errors. when i used nuenc,i got the foll. error please suggest a solution
  13. Satissh S

    What teh hick is this!?

    While surfing yesterday, i got something (a message dialog) like this: messenger service-----> Title bar caption IMMINENT WINDOWS CRASH WARNING-------------> message text We have detected fifty two errors in your windows computer. The errors will lead to a system crash in next few hours...
  14. Vyasram

    CD Writer Problem

    I have a Samsung CD Writer. It keeps ejecting on its own all the time and it also causes errors even when written at slow speeds. HElp :cry:
  15. F

    Explorer.exe errors

    Almost everytime I'm on the Internet, i get explorer.exe errors...specially after I close an IE session. When there are too many explorer.exe errors, what does that indicate? Thanks, in advance! Anuj Hydbad, India
  16. F

    Explorer.exe errors

    Almost everytime I'm on the Internet, i get explorer.exe errors...specially after I close an IE session. When there are too many explorer.exe errors, what does that indicate? Thanks, in advance! Anuj Hydbad, India
  17. F

    Need URGENT help!

    Hi folks! need some quick help on the following 2 things: 1) Could you recommend a few sites from where i can easily get free MCSE braindumps? 2) What could be the reason of explorer.exe giving me frequent errors? And it has to be shut down after that :( Thanks, in advance! Anuj...
  18. G

    cyclic redundancy errors

    please help i`m having a lot of problems... i have a game... and i got images off all the four cds on my hard disk.. through Nero version 6 i got the images at at max speed. i also burned the 4 images at 40x ... now the problem is that the third cd doesn`t work... it gives a cyclic...
  19. H

    Help ,I cant use checkdisk on my win xp [C:\] drive[NTFS]

    :cry: Help!!,I cant use checkdisk to scan for errors on my Win XP Pro PC as whenever I try to do so or schedule a test and restart...I get the following error.....[cannot open volume for access] and then checkdisk says that the test is finished. The problem started when I converted my...
  20. tarey_g

    Which CD Writer is most reliable???:?:

    I hav a samsung 40-12-40 CD RW ,buying this writer was the biggest mistake i made, a samsung writer is the worst u can buy and the after sales support is terrible. samsung writers mostly give errors like 'buffer underun error','could not perform fixation' etc .I tried samsung DVD combo but i...
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