1. R

    Wats Wrong With Sony DVD Writer...???

    Once I burned a DVD in sony dvd riter with option chek after burning . it gave some read errors during chekin. but the movie was playable. any explanation plz.
  2. S

    making files work

    i have a file which is a single setup file and in the middle of the installation, i gives read errors, the file in a cd, i cant even copy them in my HDD. Help
  3. R

    Knoppix 5.0 never halts clean

    I have an Intel PC with 845GV chipset motherboard and P4 2.4 GHz processor. I installed Knoppix 5.0 to my hd formatting existing Knoppix 4.0 partition. The priblem is that no it doesn't halt cleanly. With every power on fsck checks the partition for the errors. I tried it with all kinds of hd...
  4. T

    RAM woes..............Help guyz

    i have got two ram modules 1.Original Simmtronics 256MB (333 mhz) 2.Irvine (not familiar with this company) 256MB (400 mhz ) Motherboard: ECS 845GV-M3 supporting max of 333 mhz modules * Problem: i was watching...
  5. desmond_315

    linux kernel for at91rm9200

    i wish to build the linux kernel for the at91rm9200 ek.....could someone please tell me where i could find wat options i need to choose to build for a basic config....i keep gettin linking errors...probably cause im not including the right files in .config.
  6. sourav

    Is the RAM is damaged....

    I was checking my RAm with MemTest86+. it founf some errors. The errors are in image format :- 1. 2. Plz click on it and open it
  7. ashu888ashu888

    Saved game files of NFS-U2

    Hey guys, I hv installed NFS-U2 in my E: drive and i dnt knw by wat name is the saved file named as. So please tell me how to look for it so tat i can back it up and then reinstall the game as i am getting errors in it. Cheers n e-peace....
  8. sagardani

    help on PowerDvd 7 plz..

    i've installed CyberLink PowerDvd 7.. when i installed it first, it worked fine & properly.. by mistake i uninstalled it.. plz don't ask why.i did it by mistake. but when i tried to reinstall it, setup progress completed succesfully.. but when i try to run it, it gives me a strange "skin"...
  9. blackleopard92

    installing ubuntu, flash, errors, and more help needed

    Taking advice of jGuru, I got the PC world magzine and installed Kubuntu on a new 80 Gb SATA HD i bought. Well Linux is all great and Windows is suddenly feeling primitive, I am facing problems Firstly, It's taking too long to load.and I am getting this error on loading.It loads fine though...
  10. T

    Opera error console

    I installed opera 9 (stable ?? ) yesterday night and from today morning it has started showing errors. What ever site I open, every 2/3 minutes later an Error Console opens showing many java script errors. What to do ? I see Java Script is enabled by default in Quick Preferences and I think that...
  11. speedyguy

    Comedy of Errors.....Lets Discuss

    Alrite friendz, lets have some time off. All d gamers do have to face some funny errors or any funny moments while going thru any game. Lets discuss them here...u may even post a screenshot if u have one. Now wen it comes to comedy of errors...obviously 1st name strikes my mind is EA Cricket...
  12. A

    Errors on Burning CDs

    I have a Samsung Combo drive and off late I seem to be getting errors when I try to burn a complete CD at once. The errors seem to be concentrated towards the end of the disc ( found out through NERO Test drive). This doesn't seem to occur when I burn only a part of the full capacity (say...
  13. samrulez

    How can i deal with CRC errors??????

    Hey geeks, Is there any way to avoid CRC errors.Coz i have some really imp CDs which give CRC errors while copying them.Also, some Cd's cannot be copyed on my system but can be on my friends machine.I tried buying a new Combo drive but the problem persists.Pls help me!
  14. V

    Problem with SATA DVDRW driver

    :( :( :( I had bought a Plextor PX716SA SATA DVD RW drive in july 2005. Of late it has developed some problems. My PC configuration is as follows: MSI K8N Neo4 platinum [NVidia Nforce4 chipset] 1GB DDR[400 MHz] RAM 160GB SATA HDD Segate & Antec 380WATT power supply. I have installed...
  15. varunbhide

    linux installing woes...

    i posted this here coz it is os related... i tried to install fedora core 3from the image disks given with digit's jan 05 issue. while installing, after choosing gui installation, i got the following two errors: 1) assertion (heads > 0) at disk_dos.c :485 in...
  16. G

    New Liteon DVD-RW not working

    I bought a liteon dvd-rw (Super allwrite) yesterday. The drive is able to read cd's and most dvd's. But when i put any digit DVD in it, it just shows the contents but does not open any file. Altough i am able to copy any software. I gives me two errors: Not a valid win32 application Only a...
  17. N

    Need Help to resolve/understand errors reported by XP Repair

    Need help to resolve/understand errors reported by XP Repair Pro 20006 (Unregistered) A) In module Shortcuts some 16 errors are shown. For example it shows : Entry Value : C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Recent\Photos.lnk Key Node : J:\Wallpapers\Photos Suggested Action (Shortcut Missing)...
  18. B

    Help urgent winXP

    where ever i open any program these errors help me
  19. S

    InValid xHTML

    Well i was trying to get my blog Valid xHTML but it shows some errors and warnings. Most of them i have done away but the errors and warning which it is showing now, r in the source codes of various affiliates and services which i just copied and pasted on my blog. So wat to do now?? How to do...
  20. K

    Errors in a Dial-up connection

    Status of a Dial-up connection in XP shows in the last line a data as Errors. What are these? Normally the error in sent coloumn is 0 and occassionally in the received coloumn is 2 or 3. Recently my system shows hundreds in received coloumn and the download speed is also abysmally low. I...
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