1. windchimes

    Laptop HDD Error -How bad are these? Inputs needed

    Hi guys, Recently my Windows 7 OS wasn't booting in and I gave it for service . They came back saying that my Laptop had a faulty HDD. As per their recommendation i got a new HDD and they said they were not able to backup data as the drive changed to "dynamic" and to take it to data recovery...
  2. TechPrince

    GTX 460 problem.... most likely

    I purchased eVGA GTX 460 1GB SC EE FERMI card 3 years ago. Card was working fine till few days ago when suddenly ingame i had a bsod of Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal error. After that day my card cant handle any stress. System was booting fine, os loaded without problem but any application that...
  3. Ironman

    Seagate 2 TB Problems ............. What should i do ?

    i bought a Seagate 2TB internal 3 weeks ago within that time some problems arose ......................... Sometimes the speeds just get down to 3MBps Sequential R/W instead of 100+ this is the third time it happened many times there are errors in the partitions which get...
  4. harshilsharma63

    How to resolve memory errors

    Hi. I'm using 2x 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz Hyundai rams. recently I was facing many BSODs so I ran memtest86+. I generated >10k errors. I isolated the error to one of the two modules. In the faulty module, I get ~14000 errors when running test 5 (which stresses the ram). Also, while running memtest86+...
  5. R

    Need HELP! Errors after installing new Graphic Card

    I'm not sure whether to post this thread here or in the software section, but since it's presumably due to my new graphic card, I posted it here. I bought an Asus nVidia GeForce GTX670 DirectCU II graphic card. I installed it in my friend's rig (as my PC isn't ready yet) to check if it's...
  6. chandan3

    Splinter cell conviction

    Hi guys ple help me i hv waste 4 days in this game.when i clicked to the game,the errors shows ,game has stopped working,same problem in i m alive,n both r orginal.i bought this game.
  7. R

    Root Kit revealer

    I had downloaded a Rootkit Revealer 1.71 and it has shown many errors. Pls tell how to correct it? regards
  8. rijinpk1

    is there any chances that my hard disk fail?

    here i am attaching screen shot of my hard disk.It shows caution has to be taken. 1:Can I rectify the errors? 2:If yes, how? 3:Is the problem any serious? help me
  9. sanny16

    not able to remove the errors on the desktop after reboot

    I once installed white smoke demo when it got expired i removed it partially by not clicking on restart now option. Today that option came(restart now) so i clicked yes and my pc rebooted and again that dialog box appears. Plus there are two text files opening i do not know why. How do i fix...
  10. Jaskanwar Singh

    Fed up with bsnl!!

    hello everyone, i use a bsnl 620 home UL. i face problem of random disconnections. i have complained 50 times i think. they came and changed main wire, didn't work. after that used a machine which showed errors in line. they fixed that too. still problem doesn't go. u guys have any idea of...
  11. digitaltab

    task manager disabled in windows 7

    my task manager and registry editor are disabled in windows 7 ultimate... computer has also become slow and unresponsive since last day, i don't know what has happened, i don't have an anti-virus installed on my computer, Please suggest the best possible steps to correct the errors...
  12. A

    Modern warefare 3 Errors

    Could not start process 'iw5mp_ceg.exe' (null)(0x80041002) got this error while playing multiplayer. Pls help to get over this
  13. Z

    Rip dvds with errors

    I am trying to rip some DVDs but they have errors. I have tried most of the software but it just does not work because of these errors. I read tutorial in this forum about ripping such dvds using a combination of four software. I tried that method too but it did not work as the DVD Decrypter...
  14. mitraark

    Not Found/Error404 in Firefox/Epic Browser

    I am very often [ but not always , menas they are not blocked ] getting these errors in Firefox and Epic Browsers [ only, the sites open fine in Google Chrome, Apple Safari , Opera and Internet Explorer ] When this error shows , i have to refresh the page around 7-8 times, then the page might...
  15. J

    PC restarts without any reason.

    I have a pc with the following configuration. Processor Intel Q6600 Mobo Intel Dg31 Pr Ram 2*1GB 667 Mhz HDD 160 GB Seagate Psu 400 watt generic The problem is that my pc restarts randomly.I have 2 partitions with windows 7 installed.In one it gives BSOD of IRQL not less than equal while...
  16. H

    website validation error.

    i have few html files which i uploaded on a webhosting site.but whenever i give the link to my friend's through chat it says that "it is a spam".so what should i do to prevent it from saying so?and when i try to validate it using w3 validator it displays two errors and even displays what the...
  17. R

    crc errors

    I have a series of rar files (.r00, .r01, etc. - I do know how to work with such files). When I try to extract the one big file that's stored in these file, I get "CRC error in .rxx, file is corrupt" there a way to fix these CRC errors?
  18. U

    Problem with dual DIMM or may be board it self

    hi friends one of my friend pc has got blue screen error with dual memory channel(i think so) and if engaged with one ram blue screen error comes rarely. so downloaded some softwares relate to memory testing ie Memtest 86 and memtest. and strange thing is with 2 rams engaged memtest 86...
  19. K

    Wise registry cleaner -- fixes 80% of pc error messages and speeds up.

    Error messages regarding to dll,startup ,blue screen ..etc doesnt appear after the registry is cleaned . Note - Even if you dont have problems and your system is performing well scanning them with reg cleaner makes the system much stable,crash free and fast. I have studied above 6 registry...
  20. H

    Re:Uniblue Registry Booster

    Hi frnds Please comment on Uniblue Registry Booster. How useful it is and whether its worth its value.($30.00) Kindly advise if there are any freeware for cleaning, tweaking and fixing errors of the registry. Thanks
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