1. pirates1323

    Getting BSOD daily :( help wanted

    Specs: Windows vista home premium HP intel core 2 CPU 2.00 ghz 1 gb ram 160 + 40 gb hard disk intel gma 950 graphics.. all os updated.. whenever i use my computer for more than like 6-7 hrs... while browsing internet or viewing things on my hdd... then i get a blue screen.... i had disabled...
  2. R

    Vista ultimate BSOD crashing on 4GB ram

    Vista ultimate BSOD crashing on 4GB ram Nvidia driver problems I added another 2 gb of same ram Vista is giving BSOD, it boots fine without any error as I start working on any application it crashes. I tested the 2 pair of ram & if I use 2gb only both pair work with vista & memtest 3.3 ran for...
  3. R

    laptop usb2.0 not working as per the rated speed.

    Dont know what happened but seems that during last few windows update the USB2.0 ports had issues & are not working optimally on XP1+ updated SP2. 2 ports don't connect the devices or give errors, other 2 ports working but very slow data transfer, surely not usb 2.0 speeds. I am thinking to...
  4. dd_wingrider

    Funny Windows Error Msgs

    Chk them out nice stuff Source And for more pics : Windows Errors
  5. tango_cash

    is there a website which can explain the boot time erors??

    hi ppl. is there any site which can explain the errors that occur at boot time.
  6. R

    Bloodshed DevC++ gives errors...

    Hi people , i have just started using Bloodshed DevC++ to write and compile the C/C++ programs. The problem is that its giving errors when there is no error in the program.... For example look at this program.... #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { clrscr()...
  7. C

    errors on building visual c++ program

    hey guys i'm learning visual c++ and i'm getting errors on building the following's from a book and so i expected it to run but it's giving errors please tell me what they mean and how to get rid of them code: #include<windows.h> int_stdcall WinMain ( HINSTANCE hInstance...
  8. Vivek788

    DVD woes

    I have a Sony GS120A dvd writer abt 3 months old Recently 3 dvds that I had burnt in it has suddenly become unreadable and gives CRC errors and fails in nero recovery softwares helping...all ma games and films gone... :(
  9. enticer86

    Drive Dirty :O

    Today when the windows was running the checkdisk- i mite not hav turned off the system the ShutDown way- i noticed this : [not exact words, but phrases to tht effect] cheking drive C for errors volume dirty [:o] XX% complete although the scan completed but i dunno y the PC said...
  10. estranged12

    file locked

    im getting some errors in NOD32 check it out look at the scroll bar... they go on and on
  11. tango_cash

    is data on external hdd(a normal hdd in a casing) prone to errors???

    hi i have a external hdd( it is a normal hdd in a casing).i have a lot of movies on it ,it is almost full. i have observed that i get errors while playing some of them,some play after the errors and others do not play at all. here is the link to the problems i posted...
  12. emailaatif786

    Copy Video DVD

    I want to make a copy of a Video DVD. I used Nero Burning ROM to copy, by using "COPY DVD" feature. In options, I selected "Video DVD", with "Ignore Read Errors", but I CAN'T copy, there comes hundereds of "Unrecoverable Read Errors". I also tried it to copy the DVD to my Harddisk, but...
  13. D

    Restart = Reinstall XP!!!!

    Hi there! I have a grave problem. A few days ago, XP did not boot, so i reinstalled it. The next day, I was unable to boot XP, so I reinstalled again. It seems that whenever I restart, Windows XP never loads. I gives me random errors, saying that my hard disk is corrupt, rundll32 is missing, and...
  14. S

    Gmail down

    Even the giants need to take a break. lol I was configuring my outlook and it kept giving me errors. This is what I got on typing
  15. S

    PC-Cleaner registry cleaner to fix your errors

    Download here PC-CLEANER, an amazing registry cleaner.Powerful, yet simple this registry cleaner is great for your Windowsregistry. PC-CLEANER will scan and repair errors in your registry. Itoffers great features like backup, restore, schedule and more that willhelp you to fix registry problems...
  16. ferrarif50

    IE script error

    I am facing this strange problem in IE. Whenever I open any website, I continously keep getting script errors pop-up window. Due to this, sometimes the websites dont even display or open correctly. Mind that, the websites are perfect and they have no javascript errors. I have played...
  17. P

    How Do I Change Xp Start Up Picture??

    hey.. how do i change the start up xp pic??? also, everytime i boot i get the blue screen,which checks for errors on drives.. how do i get rid of that???
  18. ToxicSerpentz

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Express doesn't open. They say MSOE.DLL COULDN'T LOAD. in microsoft outlook, i get the following errors the procedure entry point StrTokEx could not be located in the dynamic link library MSOERT2.DLL. An error occured while attempting to open Windows Address Book. Unable to load WAB...
  19. A

    My HDD keeps running the chkdsk during bootup

    Hi, Though I shutdown my computer the normal way, It runs the chkdsk everytime I restart my computer. Though it does not detect any errors it is irritating Its a seagate 80GB SATA HDD Any sggestions?? Thanks, Ace Ventura
  20. gofeddy

    system restart!!

    hello i have a small problem here. once in a while(randomly) my system gets restarted automatically without giving any errors on restart. i happens just like that. is it a virus or some svchost problem?:-?
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