1. tarey_g

    Which CD Writer is most reliable???:?:

    I hav a samsung 40-12-40 CD RW ,buying this writer was the biggest mistake i made, a samsung writer is the worst u can buy and the after sales support is terrible. samsung writers mostly give errors like 'buffer underun error','could not perform fixation' etc .I tried samsung DVD combo but i...
  2. jpushkarh

    Windows XP Error Free NAY NO NEVER !!

    Windows XP gives more Errors Than Windows 98 Windows 98 Errors are only Blue Screen Mostly But Windows XP Errors are universal 1. Add Remove List Error 2. Dial Up Networking is dissabled 3. Anti virus error 4. MS Office install Uninstall error 5. MS JVM Error (Java) 6. MS Jet...
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