1. Nithu

    Please Help!!... Memory problem.

    I have 2 x 2GB Transcend 800MHz DDR2 ram. Today i started to test it, because when doing 3d intensive works my system crashed several times giving me BSOD. So i started my test using Memtest86+. After 3 passes it gave me 92 errors in Test#7. Also I tested the ram stick one by one, but it...
  2. J

    CRC errors on rar archive files.

    Hi friends. I'm new to this digit forum. The problem with my PC is whenever i'm downloading some files which are in rar format, after download it never extracts properly showing crc errrors. If i force recheck that files it downloads again and next time it shows same crc error on a random...
  3. D

    Windows system load % in C

    I want to create a small app that needs to read the system load %. Would prefer to write it in C, using the Borland BCC55 tools, with the Bloodshed Dev-Cpp IDE. I found a simple example using the pdh (Performance Data Helper) dll, but when I tried to compile it, I received tons of errors...
  4. J

    Someone Help me please.... :((

    I got these errors at startup of my laptop
  5. H

    Help me.. !! Unusual Vista problem.

    Hi guys, I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate with 1GB RAM and a Dual Core processor. Yesterday evening when there was a power cut my UPS didnt function, so my system abruptly switched off.. :(:( Then when I switched it on today I was welcomed with the login screen, but when I clicked my user...
  6. M

    Free iolo System Mechanic 8 Full Version Download with Six Month License Key

    When your car breaks down or in need of tune up, you will sent the vehicle to mechanic. So when your PC computer system breaks down or desperately need a performance tune, who would you go to? Indeed, there is no need to send the system anywhere with System Mechanic from System...
  7. M

    Windows xp sp3 help

    I have recently bought windows xp pro sp3 and it was working fine but after few days it give me errors like. 1. firewall does not turn on, and after when I turn it on it will off automatically. 2. I am working in Admin mode but it doesn't allow me to open task bar and regedit and says...
  8. B

    Errors !!! -> A rant about online application errors

    Is it just me or what? Been trying to do a simple task of booking tickets online with AirIndia, but the dumb application just refuses to work. Heres what it says: Post the errors you encounter right here and hope that they come across this page and do something about it (for their own...
  9. swap_too_fast

    Windows Scandisc...issues

    Hey guyz, I have problem with scandisk of windows....I have 4 drives (c,d,e,f) and few days ago, windows scandisk was checking my F drive for errors everytime I start my computer, but then I reinstall my windows XP SP2, But again the problem continues.........PLZ help me....
  10. W

    Can I check my url with Internet Explorer in Ubuntu 7.10?

    Hi, I just install Ubuntu 7.10 to my PC & I want check my url in firefox & IE for errors. Is there any solution for this?
  11. Gigacore v/s

    First things first. This post will no where relate to OS war, its just a homepage war of two giants. Most of the web designers will work like a donkey to make sure their web template or the blogging themes are w3c Compliant. Yet most web designers will fail to get it valid. But here the two...
  12. A

    Attention all acer users!!

    I want knw abut the build quality of acer aspire it good or bad?? Ma frnds told dat its showing some hardware errors aftr one it true??..if anyone knw plz post ur reply..
  13. jerin3013

    Blue Screen Errors With Quad Core System

    Configurations: --------------------------------------- Intel Q6600 Asus P5K-VM mthbrd 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz Zion Single Ram 320 GB SATA Western Digital HDD 500W Mercury SMPS Cabinet DVD writer SATA ---------------------------------------- Problem: My system crashes very frequently with blue sceen...
  14. 2kewl

    RAM Query!

    Hey Guys! I recently installed a 512 DDR 266 alongside my 256 DDR333. I thought it shouldn't be a problem as the both should run at 266. Howver my 266 RAM is OC at 333 and as a result Im getting errors with many programsn and also frequent BSOD's. Is there a way I can make both the RAM's...
  15. R

    Tally Users Help ME

    hi i was trying the data migration tool for moving data from tally 7.2 to 9. But i am getting errors in it. The errors are similar which are like "no date given for bill so and so." i get 10-15 such errors. i checked those bill and found date is already given. What is the problem? Also does...
  16. H

    I work for Valve, give me your id and password!

    The rules of the Internet are as follows: the girl you think you're talking to is actually a dude, if someone says they know kung-fu they probably don't, and most funny stories are made up. If you keep these three things in mind, you'll do fine on-line. I'm skeptical that this particular chat...
  17. A

    pc is hanging !! please help

    i have an amd Athlon 64 processor (2800+) which is running at 1800 Ghz i have a 1 GB of ram and 80 GB IDE drive having 4 partitions. the pc has NVIDIA GeForce MX 4000 (120 MB) graphics and i am running windows xp. recently my pc has become very slow and hangs intermittently when starting a new...
  18. Josan

    Help!!Problem With C++

    I m new to programing and i use DevC++ Compiler but when ever i tries to make a program by coping word to word from a c++ book it give me a errors what could be the reason ..Plz help me out
  19. lywyre

    GMail Server Error

    Hey guys, Am not able to check my GMail now. Don't know for how long its down or how long it will take to be back. Any body else have the same problem?
  20. Y


    Every time when my pc starts ...chdsk is checking for to disable this?....
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