1. B

    Not able to copy discs

    Hi Guys, I was trying to copy a disc with Ubuntu in a Windows XP Pc using Nero. But I am getting this error after the disc is copied in the system- *oi63.tinypic.com/dowil0.jpg The original disc is a Mmore disc. I tried copying in Mmore's disc itself along with Sony's blank disc but I...
  2. E

    Win 8 Single Language OEM

    Can anyone post a reliable dl link for the OEM version ? I have an HP notebook and i forgot to make recovey discs before deleting the recevery partition. And i want to avoid buying recovery disc if possible. I believe since the license is in the bios, this wont be piracy or will it? Thanks.
  3. sujeet2555

    Writer not reading burned discs

    i have LG GH24NS95 RN01 writer and is 7 month old. it was working good .Until one day i burned some discs through nero ,it burned successfully (not verified).later i tried to read it but it just ejected the tray when dvd drive icon was double clicked. kprobe...
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Some questions and qualms about mobile devices----

    I see a lot of unboxing videos on the internet...and they have so many views. So im wondering why people make such videos. Ok seeing that they get a lot of views, ill change my question to "why do people like watching unboxing videos" The package contents are already mentioned in Reviews and...
  5. truegenius

    which bycycle to purchase under 11K ?

    i need to buy a bycycle i will be using it to drive/ride around 50Km per day (yes only 50Km in a day :D ) and for stunts too :D so it needs to be durable budget is max Rs11000 but keep it as close to as Rs6000 if possible i will be buying in 1-2 weeks i need speed gears, front and...
  6. S

    2 tb external hard disc under 7k?

    please suggest a good 2 tb external hard disc under 7k.
  7. S

    hard disc troubles

    :twisted:hey guys i am having trouble.i hadn't used my pc for quite some time,and when i booted in after a long time windows was not starting.so i installed windows 8,and the pc started.then i saw that in the d and e drives(c drive originally had the windows 7 and currently has the windows 8),i...
  8. F

    Win8 Shipping Query??

    Hi, i purchased win8 online on 30th Jan online and asked for the backup disc. Its been more than a month now and still havn't recieved the Disc. how do i track this, coz i cant find any shipping tracking on thier site. (Location Mumbai) P.S. Mods plz move this 2 appropriate section, donno if...
  9. curioustechy

    Unable to erase DVD-RW

    I've been using a Sony DVD-RW for quite some time without any problem. I've erased & wrote more than 10 times. But last day i could not erase the disc. I use power iso. But i tried with nero too. Even the context menu 'erase disc' is missing. Nero says the disc is not rewritable.
  10. sam.dg

    Back up games

    My DVD Rom died long back, but is it possible to create an ISO image (using a different computer) of a newly bought game (physical disc) - then transfer it to my PC, mount it in a virtual drive and play the game as original? Or, is it mandatory to have the physical disc and drive?
  11. savagepriest

    How to copy games to ps3

    How do i save the game from disc to my ps3 without harming its warranty :-?
  12. N

    [For Sale] PS3 - Mass Effect 3

    PS3 - Mass Effect 3 Rs.900 Shipped Disc has crack in inner ring i.e. on plastic as per attached pics...bt it works gud in PS3 with no problems whatsoever... intrstd buyer can contact me... in case disc doesn't work refund wld be given...
  13. dskushwaha

    Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1TB HDD seems dead, What to do?

    I have Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1TB HDD which stopped working. It is under warranty and I got the RMA (Return Material Agreement), but the data in it is emotionally important to me. This is why I want to repair it/ get data recovered. Symptoms: 1. The motor does not rotates at all, there is no...
  14. RCuber

    Hard Disc Price Droped?

    I just went through a price list (Computer Warehouse Online - Buy Computers, Computer Parts, Computer Accessories, Laptops and Electronics) and saw that Hard Disc prices has gone down. 500GB - Rs. 3600 1TB - Rs. 4500 2 TB - Rs. 6200 When did the price start to fall? I had postponed my...
  15. A

    Win7 boot error

    Hey guys , My dell XPS 15 laptop is experiencing an error while booting ( the picture is attached). This happened after i did an optional update Realtek family controller. Since then i am unable to boot my pc and keeps getting stuck at the same screen. I have tried booting from the recovery...
  16. B

    [HP Recovery Manager Trick] Creating more than one set of recovery disc and in ISO format

    HP doesn't allows more than one copy of recovery disc creation and also you don't get the choice of making ISOs instead of burning to the disc/USB. Here are the workaround for this nuisance: CREATING MULTIPLE COPIES OF RECOVERY If you failed once and HP now shows you this - * Goto My...
  17. R

    windows 7

    hi guys, i need help regarding my laptop. i have got Acer Aspire 5755 with windows 7 HB preloaded . now i want to format the whole hard disc , how can i reinstall or recover my genuine OS.
  18. O

    PS3 games at low cost

    hello. I bought a new ps3 jailbroken. And I found out that not all the games can be run from apps/home. There are several games like God of War 3 that do not run discless and a ps3 blu ray game disc needs to be inside the console to play such games. Now I checked the prices online on flipkart...
  19. Desmond

    The phonographic disc on Voyager is copyrighted.

    According to this article, the phonographic disc on the Voyager 1 space craft, containing assorted images, videos and sounds from earth for aliens out there apparently is copyrighted. Which makes me wonder if the aliens do play that disc, are they in violation of copyright infringement?
  20. mohityadavx

    Flash Stock Firmware LG P500

    Hey! The power off/lock hardware button on my cellphone is only working on hard pressing. I want to get it fixed by LG so I want to flash my phone with stock firmware. Here are my cellphone details - Model - LG P500 Version - 2.3.5 Kernel - 2.6..32.42 - franco kernel v18 Mod - CM 7.1.0 RC1...
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