Unable to erase DVD-RW

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I've been using a Sony DVD-RW for quite some time without any problem. I've erased & wrote more than 10 times.
But last day i could not erase the disc. I use power iso. But i tried with nero too. Even the context menu 'erase disc' is missing. Nero says the disc is not rewritable.


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Even RW discs have it's lifetime. Try the same on some other PC too. If the case is same, it's time to throw away the disc.

BTW why buy CD/DVD-RW? Instead get Pendrive. 32GB became so cheap nowadays.


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1. Try it on some other PC. If successful then it means your drive is faulty.
2. If not erasable on other PC also then it means CD/DVD is faulty. :)


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Even my Moserbaer CD-RW was showing such problem, I just couldnt erase anything.
So, I kept it. And when I used it after ~6months I was surprised to see it working. I could even erase all data and write easily. :razz:


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CD/DVD-RW can be erased and re-written only for a limited number of times. After that it will work only as CD/DVD-R. The count naturally goes from 50-200, depending on the price & maker of the disc.


have u tried using InCD?It is usually included in most Nero Installation discs and if you have one,you can install it and give it a try-I've successfully formatted many of my older DVD-RW discs in the past using this tool and so its quite possible that it may work in your case too.

Whats the make and model of your DVD-RW drive?Certain Dvd burners are not good at handling rewritable discs and so you should test it on another drive before discarding it-sony DVD-RW discs don't wear out so fast-I had one that lasted almost 4 years and was written and rewritten several times during that period.
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try with imgburn and full erase option and of-course with a different DVD RW drive.


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about time you tested ;-) .. anyway, nice to know that it worked ( with same DVD drive, right ? )
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