1. V

    Pocket Hard Drive and My LG DVD Player

    Hi! i wanted to connect a Pocket hard disc (say 500gb) to my dvd player , i wanted to know that as the dvd player recognizes pen drives , will it recognize the hard disc ??????? also which one will be efficient and economical (around 4K) Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
  2. justme101

    cannot install xp over windows 7..!!

    hey guys....my friend had windows xp installed on his pc..which was working fine...but after windows 7 was released he decided to switch over and installed windows 7 without checking the hardware compatibility...Initially it ran smoothly but after lots of programs were installed it got too...
  3. socrates

    How an Acer customer is treated.

    I write this as a very disappointed customer. I bought an Acer AS3810TZ – 413G32N in Feb 2010 from ‘Vijay Sales’ Prabhadevi showroom Mumbai. The first thing I did on reaching home was to try & make the ‘Restore Disc’s’. As this laptop does not have a optical drive I was talked into buying a...
  4. S

    Linux after Win 7

    Well one of my clients HP DV4 notebook came with pre-installed win 7 home premium. He installed Fedora core on that to have a try. After that, neither Acronis nor gparted can access the hdd not tell of any other bootable disc. What to do ???
  5. topgear

    CHEAP $70 Blu-ray Disc Player Hits Target

    t this price, there's no excuse to stay on the DVD bandwagon any longer. Remember when Blu-ray Disc players were so expensive that even the PlayStation 3 at its $600 launch price was considered a bargain? I do. And how the world has changed now that consumers can pick up a Blu-ray Disc player...
  6. The CyberShot

    How to hide stuff in CDs and DVDs

    How to hide stuff in CDs and DVDs Many a times you might have wished certain stuff on your CDs and DVDs were private and accessible only to you and no one else. While you could achieve this using WinRAR or any other archiving software that can encrypt your data, it doesn't allow for quick...
  7. codename_romeo

    Re partitioning help for laptops

    Now a days new laptops are coming with the os loaded in it. They generally allocate most of the drive space to c drive and some space for the recovery partition. In Dell laptops they provide you with windows setup disc so that you can re install the os and allocate space as required by you. But...
  8. JohnephSi

    problems with burning!!!!!!!!

    I get an error message when i try to burn a dvd data with nero 6. I have enclosed the entire error log. I would appreciate any feedback and thanks again. Error Error Windows XP 5.1 IA32 WinAspi: - ahead WinASPI: File 'E:\Softwares\Nero 6\Nero\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=160016...
  9. nil_3

    Slow IDE hard disc

    I have ASUS M3N78-EM Motherboard running on a quad-core processor. As there is only one IDE port in the motherboard, I have to put IDE hard disc in the middle and DVD writer drive at the end of the IDE cable. I also have a SATA Hard disc in my system. But whenever I transfer data from IDE drive...
  10. Phantom Lancer

    Movie DVD Authoring

    I am trying to rip some of my dvd movies and create a 4 in 1 movie disc . right up till now i have managed to rip the movies to my hard disc as avi(using autogk and dvd decrypter) and also mpeg(using total video converter) . I am using sony dvd architect 4.5 for creating the dvds . The problem...
  11. S

    Hard disc not detected

    Hai Friends I am using Compaq Presario SR1512IL Desktop PC the following is the specification *h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00384728&cc=in&dlc=en&lc=en&jumpid=reg_R1002_INEN In my PC they gave 40GB harddisc with that i have added 160GB sata harddisc i works fine for...
  12. soumya

    TDK Develops 320GB Optical Disc

    TDK has developed a prototype optical disc that can hold up to 320GB of information -- that's more than six times the current highest-capacity media available. The 12-centimeter disc has 10 recording layers, each of which can store 32 Gigabytes. In comparison a Blu-ray Disc can hold 25GB on...
  13. K

    Windows XP disc works well on one pc but not on another

    I tried to install Windows on my friends pc using his XP SP3 disc. After it asks for press any key to boot from disc, setup hardly runs for 10-15seconds and it gives either of two errors. First one is something similar to error at line 1723. Press any key to continue. Second one is failed to...
  14. Gauravs90

    Build an XP SP3 Recovery Disc or installation disk from XP SP1 or XP SP2

    This helps very much when you installed SP3 as an update and one day your XP goes corrupt. Now what to do you can't use your original xp disc to repair XP. This tutorial explains how to create SP3 recovery disk or installation disk. Step 1: Take Stock To prepare a recovery CD, you'll need...
  15. NewsBytes

    [Rumour] God of War I, II and III-Demo on single Blu-ray disc

    We love the smell of a fresh rumour in the morning. Sliding off the grapevine comes the news that Sony might be coming out with a special God of War (GoW) package this holiday season that throws the first two titles in the series along with a demo for GoW-3 onto a single Blu-ray disc...
  16. TheHumanBot

    Hidden Windows XP Serial Key

    A day before, I am trying to pre-configure my Windows installation disc. I noticed that there is a file located in the disc that has the Product key. It contains information about how to automate the installation or upgrade so the setup runs without requiring user input. Where is it? Open...
  17. din

    Want to run Google Android on a PC using live CD ? Here is how

    I hope this is not posted before .. If so, please feel free to delete the thread. Credits - A tweet by the senior member Indyan (Pallab) :) So those n00bs like Uncle Din who want to run and see the live CD / live USB Google Android on a PC /Laptop and see what it is, how it works etc, it...
  18. Psychosocial

    Ways to clean a scratched disk ?

    Can you guys suggest me some methods to clean scratched disc ? I have tried to clean 3 different discs with 3 different methods (the Dettol/Savlon method, the toothpaste method and the simple mineral water method) and the last one kinda works... the others just ****ed up my disc more :D. Any...
  19. Flashbang

    burn linux live disc from infected pc

    my home pc is infected by gphone.exe virus.I wish to burn a linux live cd from that pc.Is it possible to use this disc to boot on another pc without getting it infected too.
  20. Desmond

    How to Get BSNL DataONE to run on Windows 7 beta?

    I just got my system over for the vacations. When I try to install the modem using the installation disc, it installs the modem but does'nt detect it. Sometimes it randomly crashes. Is there any way to get it to run manually? Thanks
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