1. U

    lappy for 45k!!!

    hi frnz, i need a laptop in range of 40k-45k. desird specs: i5 4gb ram (or more) 1 gb graphic card 500gb (or more) hard disc win 7 15.6" or 14" screen. need suggestions!!
  2. L

    need to install windows xp in my laptop via pendrive

    hello all computer geeks,i am not a software savvy,just a regular user who uses system for information and some entertainment. i call out for help,i have not used my laptop for 2 months now let me tell you about my problem. i dont know what happened but my system is not booting,doesnt...
  3. bubusam13

    Best free web host ?

    Can someone tell me what is the best free hosting server other than 000webhost. I tried Crocserve. Though unlimited disc space and bandwidth, server is down most of the time.
  4. tkin

    [Multi]DVD & CD Reviews

    Hi guys, in this digital era most important to us are our datas, pics, movies, games, songs etc, and to keep them safe we are ready to go to any means possible. Now we know HDDs are extremely unreliable, not to mention the hell they are costly these days, pen drives are also unreliable and...
  5. digitaltab

    from where to get the disc edition of mass effect 3 n7 collector's edition for PC?

    Hello Gamers, i want to buy mass effect 3 n7 collector's edition for PC (PC dvd, not digital download), please specify the sources from which i can get the same, i want to pre-order it now. Origin is offering it but is digital download version, i am looking for the disc edition, Also please...
  6. eggman

    [For Sale] Crysis 2 / PS3

    Hi Guys I'm selling Crysis 2 for PS3. It's a limited edition I guess . It comes with a manual , Disc and an Online Coupon. Price:Rs. 1000 Incl. Shipping (Rs. 950 for Bangalore Local Pickup ) Pics: Cover : Manual: Cover Inside: ] Disc Pic 1: Disc Pic 2: The...
  7. S

    System Freezes followed by BSOD

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my PC after taking buying advice from the forum. Post installation, I am facing a problem of system freezing, which is immediately followed by a BSOD. The message in the BSOD is : "A clock interval was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated...
  8. S

    1 TB Hard Disc

    Hi I have been facing problems with my hard disc. First, my PC started hanging.. I had to pay for data recovery from the hard disc. Bought another hard disc. This too was giving probs.. so changed my processor+mobo+ram few months back. Still, the problems of hanging exists (bsod also). Now...
  9. I

    Best internal hard disc money can buy

    Hi Guys, I m plannig to buy a hard disc of 1 tb. I want to which is the best hard disc available in market. Bugdet no problem. Thanks.
  10. kaz

    Dell xps 15 - l502x !!

    Dell xps 15 -l502x !! THIS IS THE THREAD FOR ALL DELL XPS USERS ON THIS FORUM.. SHARE YOUR VIEWS AND HELP OTHERS.. Processor: i3-2310M/2330M, i5-2410M/2430M, i7-2630QM/2670QM RAM: 4/6/8 GB (2slots) HDD: 750 GB (7500rpm), 256 GB SSD Display: 15.6" HD (1366x768) WLED/FULL HD...
  11. M

    External bluray writer 6x usb powered used.

    Hello guys i am selling of my bluray writter external model Matshita uj 240 It can write upto 6x BD R 2X BD RE AND DVD R -8X AND DVD RW 4X MRP-10,000 APPX EXPECTED PRICE 8000 INCLUDED : BD- RE 25 GB VERBATIM WORTH 800RS HAD EMPTY DISC EACH COST 250RS VERY HIGH QUALITY WILL Sell IF REQUESTED...
  12. baccilus

    GTA 4 PC Disc gone bad, what to do?

    I had bought GTA 4 last year and have installed it just once before. Lost the installation as I had to reinstall my windows partition this year. There is not even a single scratch on my disc but it is still not being recognized. This is a legit game I got through Nextworld and I still have the...
  13. A

    DVD Burning Issue

    Hi guys I have just purchased a new LG GH24NS70.. to burn disc i am using moser baer blank dvd. So far i have tried to burn 3 blank dvd's all divx movies. It shows that the dvd is created succesfully but when i try to play in all 3 disc it has made the same error out of 5-6 movies that burnt...
  14. V

    File missing in XP installation

    Hi, Friends I m having error while installing XP SP-2 "States some "file missing to skip press Esc or retry like " so i have took out hard drive and connect to other PC then with same OS Disc i could install XP without any error so it's clear there is no problem with...
  15. S

    PC not booting

    Hi my PC is not booting. I have had this problem earlier... it happened bcoz the hard disc on which win xp is installed is automatically being selected as 2nd disc... so i went to bios settings and change this hard disc to primary hard disc and it worked. but this time, even after i am doing...
  16. justme101

    cant use recovery console in xp sp3

    :x my computer keeps rebooting...i shows the xp loading screen and then the blue screen(BSOD) just flashes and it restarts again. i browsed around to find a solution and most of them used the recovery console from the xp setup disc. Now i m using xp sp3, so i put the disc in ,boot from it...
  17. A

    Desktop of 20000

    Hi please suggest me a configuration to purchase a desktop computer with intel processor + 500 Gb hard disc of 20000/ only:-|
  18. damngoodman999

    Need Help - Little health problem !

    Hello Pals ! One month before while working out in the Gym minor accident happened on my back , went to hospital heard i got Disc herniation ! 2nd day MRI results Shows - L5 S1 disc is dessicated & disc protrusion , moderate compression on the left side nerve S1 ! DOc said surgery , but many...
  19. S

    Virtual drive Problem with Win 7

    I have Win 7 x64. I was using Alcohol 120 and it was working fine for me. But now no virtual drive emulation s/w are working. I tried Power ISO,Daemon Tools Lite(said for Win 7) and Magic Disc. Now only Magic disc is working. Others say there is some problem with installing driver. Any idea...
  20. NewsBytes

    Slax 6.1.2

    Slax is a popular Slackware-based Linux distro which excels as as Live OS to carry around on a pendrive or bootable disc. It rightly calls itself a "Pocket Operating System". Slax has an extremely modular design which makes it incredibly easy to install applications, even before the OS is...
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