PS3 games at low cost


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hello. I bought a new ps3 jailbroken. And I found out that not all the games can be run from apps/home. There are several games like God of War 3 that do not run discless and a ps3 blu ray game disc needs to be inside the console to play such games. Now I checked the prices online on flipkart most games cost around 1500 bucks. This seems costly when I am not even going to play that game and would just use the game disc to play other games already loaded in the hdd. So can anyone suggest anywhere online from where i can buy a ps3 blu ray disc at a low cost preferably around 500. If not I would like to ask other gamers from where they bought their game and at what price .


In the zone
if you are in delhi you can go to palika bazar where you can get upto 60% less rates than the local sony centres
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