Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1TB HDD seems dead, What to do?


Right off the assembly line
I have Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1TB HDD which stopped working. It is under warranty and I got the RMA (Return Material Agreement), but the data in it is emotionally important to me. This is why I want to repair it/ get data recovered.

1. The motor does not rotates at all, there is no sign of head movement also.
2. Out of three ICs one (smaller square one) is getting hotter than others. I checked with two other HDDs (working) the similar IC is not that much hot, however hotter than the other two ICs on each HDD.
3. HDD is not detected in BIOS and Disc Management on two OSs (Windows XP and 7). Changed All the cables, SATA ports and tried connecting on other PCs.
4. When mounted on External HDD casing using USB, Device Manager shows "generic void usb device" in Disc drives and Disc Management shows "Disk 1, Unknown, Not Initialized"

I think that disk controller is faulty. Any solution to revive the disk will be thanked.
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