Writer not reading burned discs


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i have LG GH24NS95 RN01 writer and is 7 month old. it was working good .Until one day i burned some discs through nero ,it burned successfully (not verified).later i tried to read it but it just ejected the tray when dvd drive icon was double clicked.
kprobe says "unknown disc type" ;IMGburn says "incompatible medium";nero says "no disc inserted
or drive not ready".i use verbatim DVD-r discs.i tried reading old burned data disc and it also didn't read them .but it read iso burned dvds ,cds ,blank verbatims and older burned data discs (older that 1-2 yrs) .moreover those data discs were non verbatim.i so confused why it is acting wierd.
i also tried to change the sata ports ,same result.please suggest any suggestion.
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