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:twisted:hey guys i am having trouble.i hadn't used my pc for quite some time,and when i booted in after a long time windows was not starting.so i installed windows 8,and the pc started.then i saw that in the d and e drives(c drive originally had the windows 7 and currently has the windows 8),i saw that many files were colored blue,aka compressed.i hadn't compressed them before.and they are not able to get copied,with a cyclic redundant error popping up.also,there seems to be some problems with the windows 8 install also.so,should i consider my hard disc gone?

also,what should i do to get the bad files?since they are actually deleted and are not getting copied?

edit:so i have got an awesome update!the windows 8 also stopped working,and is refusing to be installed,and apparently all the previous partitions have suddenly vanished!:twisted:
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