1. Charley

    2 in 1 Laptop/PC for Physically Disabled person

    I am looking at options to buy a 2 in 1 laptop/pc for my cousin who is a disabled person suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. He needs to have functions as in a Windows PC which he has right now. And he wants to use it on the bed/wheelchair/car. 1) What is your budget? Rs. 25k 2) What size &...
  2. stellar

    audio device is disabled

    I scan the pc with driver update software and it updated the realtek audio driver since then i am getting "audio device is disabled". no audio is heard i uninstalled the driver software and did uninstall and reinstall the audio driver but same problem. I searched in the net also but couldn't...
  3. dharmil007

    Websites Blocked (Social, Media, etc)

    Hi Guys, I have a laptop provided by company and also have admin rights to it. This is kind of a peculiar problem, when I am at my home using my home Internet Connection. I try to browse social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, etc and some other websites are blocked. I receive a...
  4. S

    help...Android kitkat mobile data problem

    I bought my nexus 5. And currently using cellular data on it. But a process(or something like that) named Android os in my data useage list has consumed about 600mb of my data in 4 days. My autosync,update apps,google location all these aur turned off. I have disabled the default google...
  5. RCuber

    Google Account Disabled

    Guys, this morning I saw that my phone was showing a warning symbol, checked and saw that my google account had been disabled and asked me to login via a web browser on a computer. logging in directed me to a captcha code and then the browser loaded my Gmail. I promptly changed my password and...
  6. NoasArcAngel

    is this forum paid? for by and run by amd reps?

    its getting really annoying now, and there is no way i can make this accusation be heard, except put it here. Im really disgusted as to first why was my original signature edited? Who the hell gave you the right to do so? i think for the last 2 months i have mentioned at least once in a...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    Firefox & Chrome Hanging/Freezing

    I'm having freezing problems with both my FF & Chrome browsers. Whenever i browse a site(i usually open 2-3 tabs) it randomly freezes(not responding) This first started with my Chrome browser,so then i got fed up and started using firefox,And now it happens with firefox too. I've tried using...
  8. G

    Is Java safe to use now

    Hey guys, I had seen a news about a month ago that java has vulnerabilities and needs to be disabled on browsers. But Is it safe to use java now?I need to check out some webpages running applets
  9. S

    when i use a particular soft mu mouse right click gets disabled

    When I use a particular software , my mouse right click gets disabled ...i cannot cut, copy , paste ...when the software is running. I think the software is disabling my right click ... any ideas how i can fix it..:cry:
  10. saurabh_1e

    Ocing Problem

    After running intel burn test for 5-6 times the procy is downclocking by lowering multiplier on its own. C1E is disabled Cool & Quiet is disabled all power saving features are disabled Specs: Cpu cooler AOC 120DT Amd Phenom x6 1055T @1.48125v NB voltage @1.1375v Dram @1.6v rest all on auto NB...
  11. Charley

    Laptops/Netbooks/Tablet PC for my Physically Disabled Cousin

    I am looking at options to buy any of the above for my cousin who is a disabled person suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. Price should be reasonable. Any suggestion
  12. RBX

    [SOLVED] Reset Port to Remove IIS and Allow Apache

    I've uninstalled IIS and checked that there is no IIS service in the services list and thus no IIS service is running. I'm trying to install Apache Web Server but the port still seems to be occupied by IIS, and I'm not able to revoke IIS' control on the port. Edit: Nevermind, found the...
  13. Admirer Of Digit

    Wi-fi Disabled from Device Manager

    got a new hp mini 110 3607 w/o os and formatted the drive and installed Windows 7 , and the specs says it has wifi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth® wireless networking, but when HP Wireless Assistant it says that wifi is disabled from the device manager and it cann't ne enabled form here. Please help...
  14. TheMost

    Need Security Advice !

    Need a powerful (Go easy) Firewall Hi, Been currently using Avira free + comodo Firewall with Defense+ disabled and Spybot S&D beta !! Now i am worried whether i am enough with my firewall cause i have turned Defense+ -> DISABLED The reason i have done so is that my Dad is an average...
  15. K

    PHP Session Maintenance when cookies are disabled

    Hello friends! I am new to PHP programming and developing a small website project. In this project I have login for users and I am maintaining session for user's login. But I have problem with login when cokkies are disabled. Please suggest me any solution to maintain session when...
  16. nisargshah95

    Search disabled on XP

    [SOLVED] Search disabled on XP Hi guys, I have Windows XP SP3. Whenever I go for search, the following situation occurs - How do I enable search?
  17. mohityadavx

    Is this temp normal

    Hi I used speedfan to check my pc temp is this temp normal at idle specially for the GPU only utorrent is running in background. I am using Win7 with AERo disabled and my config is below in my siggy. My gpu temp is 54C and CPU is 38 C
  18. Y

    Win7 or XP on Atom N455

    Which OS will perform better on Lenovo 10-3C netbook (Atom N455/ 2GB DDR3 / Intel WMA 3150)? XP PRO SP3 or WIN 7 Ultimate with Aero Peak disabled and visual settings for best performance.
  19. G

    how to enable usb ports?

    hi as some of the computers in our office got infected with virus due rampant use of usb sticks, I tried to disable usb ports in one of the pc through device manager. When one of the ports were disabled mouse stopped working, hence I enabled that port. Thereafter I disabled one or more...
  20. R

    task manager error

    whenever i try to open any .exe file from my computer, my task manager gets disabled.it shows TASK MANAGER IS DISABLED BY ADMINISTRATOR.after this i cant even access my administrator.what to do?
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