PHP Session Maintenance when cookies are disabled

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I am new to PHP programming and developing a small website project. In this project I have login for users and I am maintaining session for user's login.

But I have problem with login when cokkies are disabled.

Please suggest me any solution to maintain session when cokkies are disabled at users end or any suggestion so that I can inform user that his/her browser's cokkies are disabled.


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Write a test cookie and see if you can read it. If not, inform user that cookie is disabled.
You can use session ID with URL parameter. PHP: Passing the Session ID - Manual


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Thanks for reply
Please elaborate,
how can I create server side session using a table at the server

you need to create a table to store the session and its timeout and cross check with the clients session ID. a detailed info can be found here...

Session Management Using PHP, Part 2: Server-side Sessions – LINUX For You Magazine
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