1. B

    Unable to hibernate /standby

    i have an xp pro installed and when i click on shut down my standby option is disabled. wot cud be the problem?
  2. Q

    Norton antivirus autoprotect disabled

    I have norton 2004 (legit version) installed on my laptop {Windows xp sp2, mobile athlon 2800, 512 mb ram). On booting yesterday, the auto protect is disabled. The following error message pops up Error: "Norton AntiVirus 2004 has encountered an internal program error" (4002,517). Have tried...
  3. ShekharPalash

    Crashing days r back again... :-(

    aaaaahhhhh.... Windows is meanng of technical imperfection.... it can't be perfect.... I'm on my laptop with XPSP2 fully updated... AV is NAV 2005... Firewall is also NAV 2005 Internet Worm Control in-build firewall... The problem is whenever I click the Control Panel from my start menu...
  4. V

    i cant fix my ie browser

    pls help me when i click my ie browser automatically a web site called valuesponcer.com loads in to it. i went to ie properties and to my surprice al the buttens in home page section is disabled and a address called www.whatsfind.com is in the backround. if any one knows how to remove it pls...
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