1. H

    syskey problem

    i tries the syskey command using run and created a password. but now it says that it cant be disabled. is there any way of disabling it? i use win xp pro sp3
  2. remrow

    Which virus is this??

    I have this weired virus in my computer. I don't know how it got in and i really need your help. Here is whats happening in my computer.... -The taskmanager is not disabled. -The registry is not disabled. -When looking at the processes i can see some weired looking programs like wlcomm.exe...
  3. R

    Logic behind disabled cores?

    Hello guys. I recently read reviews of some triple and dual core processors from AMD. some of them (Mostly triple core processors) are quad cores with one or two cores disabled. So, my question is why do they disable those cores? Just to avoid an architecture change or is it a part of...
  4. tanmoy_Siliguri

    Kaspersky has been disabled

    Hi, I have a problem..regarding virus may be malware or spyware I dont know. I was doing net..suddenly after opening a page...all of my desktop theme became blank..then..my kaspersky antivirus 2009 became disabled..i cant enabled it anymore also showing database is corrupted..but ..all the...
  5. P

    right click on start menu disabled

    right click on start menu is disabled anyway to enable it?? OS is XP pro SP2 thanks
  6. patkim

    Standby option got disabled in XP

    Recently after a power failure when I restarted my XP Pro, I noticed that the Standby option is now disabled and hibernate support no longer available in Power options. It is properly set in BIOS, and was working well with XP before that power failure. I think somewhere something might have...
  7. jxcess3891

    Virus ka baap

    Recently my computer was infected with one of the most deadliest viruses. Actually it was a trojan. This virus disabled almost everything on my comp. It disabled the task manager, regedit, the anti-virus, lan, cd-rom, usb. The only thing working was the web browser and the internet connection...
  8. N

    Svchost application error

    hi, I recently got my system infected by sm virus, it closes the network connections service , and my sytem gives an Svchost.exe application error .. i tried kaspersky but the virus disabled it, nothing was found wid avast and antivir ,,,,, kindly help
  9. Zangetsu

    Task Manager problem in Vista Home Premium

    My frnds laptop taskmanager was disabled by a spyware...the threat is removed but the task manager is not opening....it displays a error msg "Task Manager is disabled by administrator" i know it is a common problem but i dont know the solution...:(
  10. I

    Help Me for Problems after Virus-Cleaning

    Hi Friends, My PC got infected with a virus. I cleaned it, but now some features have remained disabled even after the cleaning process. I am using Windows XP SP2. For Example, Task Manager is disabled, Registry Editor is disabled, "Folder Options" menu is not appearing in Windows Explorer. I...
  11. eggman

    Unable to open TASK MANAGER...

    I hope and think that this is a very common problem. Sometimes , however it does come ENABLED but when I click it it says :TASK MANAGER HAS BEEN DISABLED BY YOUR ADMINISTRATOR. I myself am the admin, however .. What could be the problem?????
  12. channabasanna

    Turn off System Restore Checkbox disabled

    Hi All, System Restore Checkbox is disabled in my System, what should i do to enable it.
  13. ctrl_alt_del

    Vista Ultimate All Accounts Disabled

    Here I am after doing the stupidest thing possible last night. In Windows Vista Ultimate UAC, I disabled ALL the accounts and then restarted the system. Don't ask me why I did it. :( Now I am completely locked out and cannot login to any of the accounts in Vista. What do I do? I tried looking...
  14. L

    task manager has been disabled

    :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:when i press ctrl+alt+del to exit a stubborn programme a message flashes on my monitor that task manager has been disabled by the administrator, please suggest remedy:confused:
  15. Faun

    Restaurant bans disabled artist for 'putting off' diners

    A disabled woman has been barred from her favourite restaurant for allegedly 'putting off' other customers. Artist Catherine Blow, 47, had eaten there six or seven days a week for the past two years. But last week the restaurant's owner, Francisco Conde, declared that he was losing trade...
  16. gsoul2soul

    Virus - Hides folder - Unhide it... how?

    well a virus attacked my drive... and i ended up having all the folder in my pendrive infected Every folder had ".exe" file in them... and so the story goes My antivirus deleted the worm or whatever (*****es)... and now my folder are perpetually hidden!! I cannot unhide them... what...
  17. Plasma_Snake

    Disabled Task Manager

    My system was recently infected by some Trojan which I think my Avast and Super AntiSpyware and Spybot SnD took care of but now pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del results in a message saying that "Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator". WTF I'm the Administrator! How to resolve this issue?
  18. A


    i have a Biostar TA690G AM2 motherboard.there are some options in the bios and i dont know what they are for.these options are present in Advanced chipset features>PCI-E Configuration.i'd be happy to know what they do.please explain if anyone can GFX Link Width The Choices: x1 (default) GFX...
  19. 047

    how to unhide system folder help !!!

    Can anyone plz tell me how to unhide a folder whose HIDE attribute is disabled? actually i had virus in my pendrive and it made my folders hidden. when i tried to unhide it the hide attribute was disabled. Plz tell me the solution to unhide the folder. thanx
  20. T

    Windows Xp - Regsvr.exe,regedit Problem

    hi Friends sometimes this is a error mess comes in my computer, regsvr.exe is not found in ur system,then another error is when i run "regedit" in it shows disabled by administrator.can anybody help this solve that issuee... ERROR ...
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