is this forum paid? for by and run by amd reps?

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its getting really annoying now, and there is no way i can make this accusation be heard, except put it here. Im really disgusted as to first why was my original signature edited?

Who the hell gave you the right to do so?

i think for the last 2 months i have mentioned at least once in a thread very strongly that the dollar rates will go up. Accept the ****ing fact.

Incinerator was the one who was saying no no, wait for haswell. What has changed post haswell? :lol:

its really stupid to see probably indias best forum filled with crackheads about no knowledge.

why are people posting here with half baked knowledge ? and even then suggesting vishera over haswell specially when budget permits?

ban me for all i care. Enough is enough.

oh, an incase those of you who didnt know, low power is disabled / can be disabled via BIOS. So you REALLY DONT NEED A HASWELL READY PSU.


you need meditation training. go to your nearest Brahma Kumari's center for 7 Day free course Rajyoga Meditation.
come back after that and thank me later. calm your tits down kid. it teh internet.
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