1. ashu888ashu888

    Registry Editing DISABLED

    GUys, I use WIN XP PRO+Sp2 I recently tried to add a entry into the registry (by double clicking on the .reg file) But it said Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator I use the PC at my home adn I have never faced this error message as I myself am the Administrator...
  2. N

    how to remove virus manually

    hello friends my lappy has been infected with tht deadly virus named brontok it has disabled my task manager,reg editor and folder options has been disabled, kindly the link on how to manually remove tht virus, all antivirus internet security suite have failed to remove tht virus.running kill...
  3. ravidawar

    CD drive disabled !!!

    Hi i have a lappy at my home,but i do not have the administrator rights. And, the admin has disabled the CD drive. Is there any way that i can access the Drive by enabling it. please help me.
  4. I

    USB Port are disabled.

    How do i connect a USB Device if all the USB Ports on my machine are disabled. Also, is there some PS2 to USB converter device or something of that sort which could allow me to connect to the machine. Thanks a lot Itz_Me!!!
  5. JBP

    Front headphone socket of CPU is disabled

    Please see the attachment... Front headphone socket of the CPU is shown as disabled and is not working. Can anyone help how to enable it.
  6. R

    disabling the balloon tip???

    heya ppl.. i've windows vista home premium.. i've disabled few startup items...when workin with the OS a balloon tip indicating that startup items hav been disabled appears every 2 min's which is a frustrating one.. how to disable the balloon tool tip???:)
  7. N

    A series of problems with XP

    I am experiencing a no. of problems with my system, think I have acquired a virus / spyware through the pen drive. First of all my copy paste function is disabled, task manager is disabled, I get all kinds of errors when I open my office applications. My XP interface has turned into a...
  8. ninad_mhatre85

    sound gets disabled in between & slow booting...

    hi i am facing strange problem most of the times in my PC theme changes to windows classic one for a moment then back to XP`s default theme after that i audio gets disabled i mean i cant listen to music though i can watch movies but without sound but still i can hear sound of clicks or ping...
  9. photon

    Enabling task Manager

    I am having XP installed. After some unknown reason Task manager is not coming up. By pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del a window comes up. Saying "Task Manager is disabled by the administrator". How we can enable it back?
  10. smile

    I cant open task manager

    hi...................everyone When i right click on task bar the option Task Manager is been disabled:( and even i press CTRL+ALT+DEL it says "task manager has been disabled by ur administrator"..but as am the administrator of my system i never disabled it :(.. Can anyone solve my problem plzzz :)
  11. bkpeerless

    Cant Open Task Manager Heeeelp

    When I press cntr +alt + del to open tast manager i get a report that " Task Manager Has Been Disabled By The Administrator" How will i undo this... Plz Help
  12. N

    Please help regarding formatting entire hard disk from bios

    Hello friends, Please help My lappy is infected with same damn brontox virus which duplicates files in the folder itself. my reg edit is disabled,task manager, is disabled, folder options is disabled. the procedure of removing this virus given under tutorial section is of no use.as soon as...
  13. hash!!

    cant disable disc at once

    hi! im using a sony dru 120a, and nero 7 lite... i cant switch to track at once mode while writing dvds, cause the option's disabled... its pretty irritating cause i cant write multisessions... i even updated the firmware to MYS6... any tweaks??
  14. T

    task manager and system registry is not opening

    hi, i have the problem like that my system registry and task manager has not been working.when i press the ctrl+alt+delete and the error shows the task manager has been disabled by your administrator.when i try to open the registry,it didnt show any errors.but one beep sound has been heared...
  15. P

    Unable to open Task Manager

    Hi all once again!! I supsect my system is infected by a virus. I am unable to open the task manager itself. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL displays a dialog box "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator" And i m confused because i am the administrator and i dont even know how to...
  16. User Name

    Vista transformation pack error?

    i installed VT 7.0 on my system.After rebooting the PC I got message as "SFMonitor.exe- illegal system DLL reallocation" Also AVG antivirus is disabled due to VT 7.0 Please Any one help me on this problem?
  17. B

    Enabling the drive letters???

    i disabled all the drive letters barring 3 for my 2 HD n cd drive slot somewhere. now,any external hard drive or pen drive i connect doesnt show up,even though its connected to the computer.i cant remember where i disabled all the drive letters...can some good samaritan help???:confused:
  18. S


    My computer has been infected with a virus which makes a new executable file in every folder in USB.This file has the same name of the original folder and the description:Nhatquaglan.It has also disabled my taskmanager,system configuration utility,folder options & group policy editor.I have...
  19. M

    How to Speedup and Secure your PC

    [ View ] Windows XP has a lot of services, some of which are not needed for normal use. To speed up and increase your systems security, disable these services. To enter service manager- Go to Start > Run and type services.msc and hit enter. Scroll down and highlight the service you want...
  20. lionheart133

    registry editor help

    guys,help required. whenever i type regedit in run,i get the message reg edit has been disabled by admin. thing is i am the admin,and i had disabled couple of services including remote registry but then started remote registry. but the same message pops up. any idea what other services do i...
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