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  1. tweety_bird_bunny

    dataone connect to friend ...

    i have bsnl bband & my friend has it to... is there any way that i can connect my computer directly to his and share files without having to connect to our internet..... something like i dial straight into his pc & we r able to send or recieve files.....
  2. M

    dial up coonection problem. problem No. 775

    since yesterday i have been recieving a peculier problem. I have Pirated Win XP media Center with SP 2 installed. whneever i try to connect to net using my dial up connection i get a message error 775. the remote computer cannot connect your call. but on the same PC from the same phone line...
  3. eagle_y2j

    Help the newbie to linux

    Can some one tell me how to set up dial up connection in ubuntu
  4. A

    NETONE Users - need suggestions

    I have recently switched from sify dial up connection to BSNL NETONE dial up. I have noticed better services like less disconnections, better speed (19 to 32 kbps). I have not yet got bill from BSNL. Is there any NETONE user here. I want to know how they r billing. From their website, I...
  5. S

    Traffic flow on dial up

    When a dial up is connected, two computers show up at the right corner of the taskbar. One of them denotes the traffic received and the other, the traffic sent. After some time on a dial up, i've noticed that even though the connection has not been terminated,and though u've not stopped...
  6. C


  7. A


    i dont know of late all my dial up connections change to the auto connection manager or dialer stuff u know with no usrname and passwd displayed and is dialing some international number and had some prono icons on the desktop so i deleted the program from that path and ran spyware doctor 3.2 it...
  8. Gaurav

    multiple internet connections

    hello, can someone tell me how to connect two internet connections(one dial up and second dsl) to my computer
  9. kool

    **some irritating problems!!

    Hey guys, my system is running on WinXP pro SP2. i'm facing some irritating problems: 1>> My dial-up internet connection automatically try dials and connect. i've disabled auto dial in internet properties >>connections >>never dial a connection. than also it try to connect. 2>> In my...
  10. S

    How to configure Dial Up internet in SuSE 9.1?

    Hi! I have a few questions regarding SuSE: :arrow: How can I configure to run Dial Up internet on SuSE 9.1 ? :arrow: How can I install programs from DIGIT DVD onto SuSE 9.1 ?
  11. godsownman

    Internet connection

    I recently formatted my disk and reloaded Windows Xp on to it. After that i have noticed that my dial up connection speed has decreased tremendously. Is there any particular reason behind this drastic fall. I use the MTNL postpaid dial up which is available in Bombay. Please do help...
  12. teknoPhobia

    Suse 9.1 Dial up config

    could anyone give the config options for dial up connectivity using the bsnl India telephone card in suse 9.1, modem is detected and drivers installed but I cannot connect, even the log file is empty.
  13. V

    Dap turned dumb

    i am using dap still most of the times the downlaod starts with default win downlaoder. if at all some beign in dap the zip files witout extension and un usable later need to rename with a .zip or exe... here is some thing strange i saw.. have a look at the size of file.... i am...
  14. parthbarot

    How to dial through Network(LAN)....plz help

    hi.. i have 1 proj on dialing.. phones r connected to SIP gateway,which is connected to LAN... PCs r in LAN... with 1 PC 1 phone is configured(CAll CENTRE).... i have to dial [[[(without any telephony card)]]] from my pc by IP of another PC & call go through LAN & the fone with other PC...
  15. ferrarif50

    Connecting to the Net in Linux Fedora Core I

    I have a Fedora Core I machine. I have problems connecting to the Internet, since it checks for the dial tone before connecting. In Windows, there was an option of unchecking the 'Check for Dial tone'. Is there a way to do the same in Linux? I have the modem installed successfully, a dial up...
  16. rajesh

    News for Mobile Users

    Hi all... MOBILE USERS - NUMBER CAN BE DIALED WITHOUT SIM CARD DURING EMERGENCY. The Emergency Number worldwide for GSM Mobile (012, 013, 016, 017,019) is 112 and not 999. You can dial 112 even without a Sim Card. If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and...
  17. T

    Modem problem

    My modem is working fine, but the only problem is when ever i dial I hear the modem dial the number from the modem speaker itself and not from my PC speakers. How can I configure it so that I hear the volume from the PC speakers and not from the modem speakers when it dials. Modem : CXT...
  18. N

    can i get 128 kbps modem for dial up

    well i`ve heard that 56\64 is the max i dont know or sure somebody please help me out
  19. doom_marine

    Phone Problems

    I use a laptop with winxp i installed my 7610 in the laptop and connected to the net using GPRS and all worked fine when i tried to do this on my desktop the phone was detected fine but in the dial up after i dial it say "All devices connected " and then the system restarts. On restarting it...
  20. D

    Help in bridge connections

    I want to know how to bridge two dial up connection and uarious thinks about it. first as raven told me that selecting two dial up nd go for bridge is not working there is no such option. and can we do this stuff in Linux, can we do it with two diffrent type( internal & external) modems. and...
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