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  1. surinder

    Dial up modem giving problems

    One of my friends using dial up modem from last year and half. But from few days back it can't detect dial tone but dial tone is very clear. Phone calls can be made from phone connected from modem's phone out and if we take of phone receiver then try to connect while dial tone remains it...
  2. V

    dialing bsnl bb from 2 pcs

    is it possible to dial bsnl unlimited dsl home plan from 2 different places simultaneously , (becz when i try to do that i get username or password not valid on the domain but when only one system dial either one of us it connect) plz tell me how to connect bsnl dsl from 2 places .
  3. boeing_737

    Help on

    Help needed with graphics.. Hi all, I am trying to develop a simple instrument like the one here - http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/speedometer-1.jpg How do you go about implementing this in C? I think, you need to have a background image of the dial, then have an image of the needle...
  4. panacea_amc


    hello all, i finally managed to get a landline connection for my datone internet dial up. recently, i heard there were thefts regarding the use of private landline nos. by pcos...so, is there any way by which i can lock my landline conn and simultaneosly use it for internet dial up...
  5. R

    Grrrr,,,@ Huawei mobile secret code....((PLZ HELP))

    I've a huawei C2205 CDMA handset of tata brand.....I wanted to use a tata sim in it but it said "MIN out of range".....searched tech forumz to solve out this problem....and finally got 4 secret codes to reset...the fone and change settings... while I was trying these codes in my phone...there...
  6. gary4gar

    KDEmod 4.1: Few queries

    Just a few normal queries in KDEmod 4.1 1) How do i change Startup & shutdown sound? 2) I curretly use ppp demon to dial my BSNL broadband connection, for which i have use sudo. how to i make it passwordless?. that is a normal user could dial the network connection 3) When will i would be...
  7. jal_desai

    Tutorial: Add more site entries to Opera's Speed Dial

    Opera has a wonderful feature called speed dial which helps users to navigate frequently visited sites without typing its Url. By default, it allows users to store upto 9 entries....NOT ANYMORE! You can manually add more site entries by doing this simple trick. 1) Close instances of Opera...
  8. K

    Phone no. Is not valid in dial up connection

    I m trying to connet a dial up connectiom through my mobile. It is right my phone is detected when i connect it,but when i enter wvdial command at the terminal it shows three errors. 1. The username specified is not valid. 2.the password is not valid 3. The phone number specified is not...
  9. Quiz_Master

    Add More Speed Dial Entries in Opera

    Opera's most handy feature is Speed Dial. By default we can set 9 Speed Dial Entries which is enough for regular user but not for Power users like me and you! ;) So I found a way... (How?, thats a Long story ...Its in my blog if you are interested) ::> Here are the Steps :: 1.) Close...
  10. mikeon

    How to share PPPoe connection through network ?

    Hi I have a network at home which is presently ethernet but will be going wi-fi soon... it consists of a laptop running vista & a desktop running xp home... it is connected through a router through which I connect to BSNL dataone.The modem does have inbuilt pppoe dialling but I preefer to dial...
  11. A

    Dial up internet on laptop thru cellone

    My hardware are the following - 1. hp laptop 6710b with windows vista business. 2. Samsung mobile egh-840. 3. Mobile network - Cellone at Kolkata. I've installed the modem driver of the mobile in my laptop. Hopefully, the account free internet connection is also available in the cellone as...
  12. ashfahan

    Auto dial broadband

    Sir I am using BSNL home 900+ plan. I want that whenever i start my computer , it should autometically connect to net.I dont want to press dial everytime( As i m using utorrent and at night sometimes my comp restart or the connection disconnect). OR is there any setting in utorrent to...
  13. W

    When your parents were teenagers

    When your parents were teenagers in 1970s or 1980s....what were they thinking about the future? Checkout this funny article on Digg! Crazy fashion ideas for the future (i.e. today!) And some serious predictions:
  14. chesss

    MIcrosoft end user agreement

    http://images.linspire.com/MSLicense.swf - dial up friendly small flash page
  15. Josan

    2 Dial Up Connections At Same Time

    How can i use two airtel mobile dial up connections at the same time , through bluetooth or data cable Is there Is no solution to this ????????????
  16. alsiladka

    How do i dial up on my laptop using Airtel NOP?

    I tried to search the forum and the net, but could not get any method. Can anybody help me out? I have Airtel NOP activated, how do i use it as a Dial Up on my laptop?
  17. D

    Help me configure my dial up modem

    I use Windows Xp pro and Open Suse 10.2 in a dual booting system. I use a 56k dial Up modem (internal D-Link) for accsseing the net (bsnl sancharnet ) in Windows. How can i configure my modem to work in OpenSuse or say, Ubuntu... Please help.Is there any specific driver to be downloaded?Please...
  18. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Auto Dial of Bsnl Broadband

    Auto Dial of Bsnl Broadband frm 2- 8 is their any software to connect the net frm 2am n diconnect @ 8 am wen im away frm system... n download automatically waitin for reply..
  19. netguy

    Dial up problem.........Help needed really bad conditon..!

    Dial up problem.........Help needed really bad conditon..! I use sancharnet as my conection to internet and recently i think a dialer had got installed in my computer... it calls it self as Connection and has a number called ..3660222 and the problem is whenever i connect to the...
  20. N

    dial up connection problem

    i recently upgraded my computer to windows xp pro . now when i try to create a new dial up connection i find i cannot choose the dialup option when i try to create a dial up connection from internet options i get an error 711. please help.
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