1. R

    how to set up my router with dial-up connection?

    i have a local internet connection, i am getting a lan cable direct to my house, no modem nothing...and they have setup the connection in my laptop in such a way that m not able to connect it on any other lapy/pc... on that single lapy it shows a dial up kinda connection as it asks(in a poped up...
  2. gautam_dey66

    BSNL BB Connection Without PC

    I have a bsnl bb connection, but my laptop is broken, I have a wifi router along with bsnl modem. now my problem is that without laptop I cannot dial n establish a connection. I know there is a way to config modem for auto dial/ connection but I don't know the whole actual process step by...
  3. Jaskanwar Singh

    relaince netconnect 3g : connect failed

    i got a reliance netconnect 3g yesterday. today the connect button showed up in software. but whenever i press connect, it says connect failed. signal strength - 19. apn - rcomnet dial number - *99# also some 40'H,ME ERROR comes up. then connect failed.
  4. sohan_92

    Micromax 352G dongle Dial failure

    Greetings everyone. One year ago, i bought a micromax MMX352 dongle.Everything was going fine until today when i tried to connect it shows "Dial Failed,do you want to retry ? " and it keeps showing the same message whenever i try to connect.:-( I am using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit OS.Any...
  5. curioustechy

    internal modem - fax issues

    * recently I started using my old internal dial up modem as a *faxing machine through Windows XP. *After configuring it, *it worked correctly for one or two times. *But now I'm unable to send & *receive fax. *it tells ' no dial tone' *or at times 'no *answer' . *when I *picked up & *listened the...
  6. V

    Some information about "Dial up" connections :D

    [SolveD] Some information about "Dial up" connections :D Getting pissed by high "pings" [with Molten's servers of World of warcraft .. I guess they are in Europe] on my reliance landline broadband at the evening time, I decided to test out the UMTS/HSDPA ( 3g of GSM) :P [Note:- From morning to...
  7. Zangetsu

    Which dial in Watch?

    Hi Guys, Which dial color will u choose while buying a watch,so that it looks good to u. :mrgreen:
  8. curioustechy

    how to install internal dial up modem in ubuntu 11.10

    i would be much pleased if somebody could tell me how to install internal dial up modem in ubuntu 11.10
  9. curioustechy

    old internal dial up modem

    Once upon a time i was using dial up internet connection by means of an internal modem in my desktop pc loaded with winxp.... In course of time i upgraded my pc and presently i'm using a broadband internet connection by means of an external wifi modem in my win7 os... I want to setup a faxing...
  10. S

    [Solution]: Can’t dial 100 from some Nokia phones

    Pertaining to the article: Cant dial emergency numbers from few Nokia phones With phones like C2-01, X3 and 2690 etc.. one can’t dial 100 for police, 101 for fire or 102 for an ambulance from these phones. Once i read the article, checked the same on a relative's nokia C2-01, and the issue was...
  11. Darshan Singh

    How to connect to Wi-Fi

    Hi friends, My cousin has bought Sony Xperia Neo V. He has a BSNL broadband connection. Now when he tries to connect to Internet via Wi-Fi, the phone connects to the router without any problems but after that, there is no option to dial up the connection as the broadband connection is dial-up...
  12. patkim

    56K dial up modem - query

    Is dial up modem a thing in the past? I don't find it on the online sites. ebay does show up some imported items though.
  13. Cool Buddy

    BSNL Router configuration

    I recently got a BSNL wi-fi Router (model ITI DNA A211-I). I got it second hand from someone who got his connection disconnected. It had been working fine for him, I had checked this. Now as it happened, the day I got the router home, there was some problem in the telephone line and I wasn't...
  14. xtremevicky

    Samsung Kies Problem

    This is a new and a sad problem. Situation :- I have a samsung phone S-3370 . I download the latest Samsung Kies and the option of ETHERNET is not there . ( Place where we use to connect to internet using mobile ) . Now when i try and create a dial up connection I cant find the Vodafone...
  15. clinton

    How to check my Internet Usage?

    Hello Friends, I use a Dlink wi-fi modem to access internet on my PC and and cell phone. As it is a ever connected net(not Dial up) i cant see the the current Received and Sent usage as it is show in Dial up connection. The only thing i can do is to c the status of the network,but its...
  16. omega44-xt

    Is it RAM issue ?

    I've a BSNL broadband connection with dial up. Sometimes while connecting to the internet(using dial up), my PC hangs up badly. It starts responding after 5 min, that also not completely. Dial up dialog box is in not responding & i've to restart my PC(not by using reset button). What could...
  17. S

    mobile for senior people

    hi i want a very basic mobile phone for senior person. it should have large number to dial ,non qwerty ,non touch screen phone under 5k
  18. H

    virus problem

    sometimes on my pc dial up connections box. automatically opens. i find that it closed by deleting this process jusched.exe . is my pc infected with virus. also after closing this process again dial up box opened after sometime. again suggest me a cheap paid,good antivirus.:-D
  19. R

    samsung jet s8003 errror

    hi friends, may not be the right place to post, but please can anybody throw some light on why I cannot dial any number neither receive any call on my mobile whn sms are going fine.. On dialing any number it says dialing...and then disconnected..pls help anybody
  20. K

    Any BSNL GPRS user here from north??

    Hi, I got BSNL prepaid plan (Rs 193 recharge) activated on my phone but not able to use it on my PC. I am facing this problem since gprs settings got changed from bsnlgprs to bsnlnet (1 or 2 months ago). And please dont suggest me to call customer care, it took me 15 mins to make them understand...
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