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  1. C


    I am unable to connect to my dataone connection in SuSE10. UT-300R2 modem. Please help.. I dont want an "Aways On" connection. Actually the modem is detected but where from I dial ?.. like I do in XP.
  2. Akshay

    Torrents & Dial Up connection

    I have tried using utorrent and bittorrent with dial up connection and i end up downloading nothing! I have to wait wait and wait... Say I want to download a file, DAP or IDM will start downloading the file immediately. But torrents will make u wait for hours (even if file is available) to...
  3. rollcage

    How to Schedule to Dial the connection??

    How to Schedule to Dial connection in windowsXP default task scheduler?? I mean if I have a dial connection for Broadband or even the normal dialup for GPRS in network setting & I want to start every time I login to a particular Profile. Putting the shortcut in Programes>Startup . Doesnt...
  4. swap_too_fast

    about dial up connection

    hello friends, i have a problem with dial up connection, when i trying to log in there is an error that there was no dial tone even connection to modem is correct, after 3-4 attempt connection is established.I have winXP & microtec modem of 56 kbps.What happen ? plz tell me solution
  5. bkpeerless

    dial up or broadband

    I h-ave got dial up networking- . but broad band thas just reached our city -------giving 40 kb speed(same as dial up). should i switch to broadband. will i be able to play online games at this speed
  6. S

    Want to dial mobile from PC when connected help me pls

    Gys ! I want to connect my mobile to pc and using some software (if possible) want to dial mobile number from pc. Just like telephone dialar. Is there any software available for it ? Where can i get it ? Pls help me. I need it for my project
  7. A

    How to transfer files?

    What is the best way to transfer files between two computers - one at home and the other at office? Ya, modem and dial up connection is available with the both of them.
  8. D

    my modem hangss!!!

    hey, whn i dial in winxp the modem connects to net,bt when i dial in win98,computer hangss.plzz helpp me!!!!
  9. N


    is there any software by which i can recieve/make calls by my pc. so that i can put the wire always inside my pc, and dial up whenevr i want and recieve calls whenever my pc is on.
  10. U

    Dialing Problem

    :idea: :?: By clicking dial on dial up connection, PC restarts without any warning. WinXP SP1. After clearing offline contents, problems is cured but same thing takes place after 2-3 reboots.
  11. hansraj

    batch file problem.....

    geeks u gonna help me out again plz..... i did made the batch file to run 2 programmes run simultaneously which are the "bandwidth meter" and my "tata indicom dial up" together. but the prob is that by giving the path "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start...
  12. E

    Dial up not connecting while running phonetray dialup

    iam using dfm 562 e++ dlink external modem, and running Phone tray dial up , iam not able to connect when this software is running, but i need this to be running so that i ca get the incoming call nos while workling.. please help me find software that can be running while net is connected
  13. D

    how to disable dial up networking????????

    hi, how can we disable and hide dial up networking in "my computer"
  14. T

    internet by airtel gprs

    hello everyone,I want to browse internet in my computer through the airtel gprs.I have a SAMSUNG X100mobile phone .Is this possible on my handset.Also i have a query about the billing.they say they will charge RS.100 for 1 month unlimited use.is this all they will charge or there is some hidden...
  15. shaunak

    Mtnl dial up subscribers get ready to pay more.

    MTNL has duscontinued to provide new connections under the telephone for internet scheme. Old subscribers will continue to get service at revised rates: Scheme A > old tariff 500/->>new 1000/- Scheme B > 700?- >> 1400/- Moral of stroy: Now Broad band will be cheaper than dial up. [Reliance...
  16. M


    HI guys i have mtnl dial up connection.Is it true that it is cheap to surf at night?What vud be price of 1 hour surfing in daytime?How to boost download speed?
  17. R

    www.onspeed.com Is it safe & sound?

    Recently I came across ad of onspeed. Is it safe to use? Is it works as per their claim? I am using dial up connection, Suggest me about it.
  18. nithinks


    Digit forum members, I use win xp and smart link sl2800 modem.the problem i am facing is, whenever I want to connect to net(dialup) in tone mode,I receive long beaps from the telephone exchange(Which we will usually get when there is along pause between two dialed numbers). I think my modem...
  19. QwertyManiac


    Guys , i want to enable pulse dial in kppp WITHOUT using the terminal. Also, i tried writing ATP in the initialization line of modem commands, but the modem still dials in tone...
  20. R

    live cd problems

    i have linspire live cd i would like to know the following 1. how can i view my hdd 2. how can i setup a dial up conection 3. how to save files to hdd 4. which is the best live cd
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