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    Internet connection screwed up!

    Thanks in advancs. And I hope someone could solve my problem. I have three OSs in my system. Win2000 Server, WinXP, and Win98. None of them are patched by the service packs. My Dial Up Internet Connection worked fine and gave me high possible speed. The prblems started a while ago...
  2. A

    Dial up Networking

    Can anyone help me out. In my Win XP laptop, when I tried to install a home network, my Dial up networking is disabled. I was earlier using Reliance CDMA phone for internet. Then when I uninstalled it, and reinstalled R-Connect, the Connection wizard is failing. Aijaz
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    Modem dont work

    Hey my modem is not able to dial. When i start dialing it is supposed to do "put-put-put" and keep doin it, but now the dialtone again comming up as soon as i dial A number. Im sure some thing is wrong with the modem. I plugged my phone to the modems second line, and i was having the same...
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