1. Nipun

    DVD Drive not detected until cable not re-plugged.

    My DVD Drive(of sony) is not detected by the computer unless I take the cable out and insert it again. Earlier, it was working very well. But, after 2-3 days from receiving of computer, the DVD drive was not detected. However, restarting the PC resolved this. 1-2 weeks later, this repeated...
  2. I

    pendrive not detected any system even other pendrives are detected.

    dear Friends, my kingston pendrive suddenly not detected by any system and laptops.i tries in different systems and laptops where other pendrives are able to open.can please suggest what should i do...plz indu
  3. T

    USB Connector for 1TB Ext HDD

    Hello, My roommate lost the USB 2.0 connector for his 1 TB External Hard Drive. The USB 2.0 connector was a Type A to Type B. Refer to this link in case you're confused : USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male 6 ft, Black: Electronics The 1 TB drive is a Buffalo DriveStation™...
  4. vavinashraju

    Hard disk not detected

    Hi All i have a 2tb sata samsung hard disk which i formatted in windows xp using disk management and copied lots of data to it...then when i connected it to other system which is based on windows 7....the hard drive is being detected by bios and device manager but doesn't show up in the...
  5. M

    software gl on windows?

    Dunno if it the correct subforum but seem most appropriate to me. I have crappy intel graphics and want to to run glsl on it. I recently heard about software-gl through mesa and downloaded mesa 7.10.1 that but i cant compile it. I have never compiled anything (except for my few c++ programs) so...
  6. Plasma_Snake

    GMA880-E45 issue or just bad luck?

    I had 5 hard drives, 400GB, 500GB and 2TB (all Seagate) and 640GB and 1TB (both WD). I tried to using them through dock but on both of my systems, the laptop and the desktop it is now detecting dock as "Initio controller" whilst earlier it was working fine. So assuming that dock might be at...
  7. hellknight

    The FreeBSD thread

    I haven't seen a single thread about FreeBSD in this forum. So I thought that we can start a new thread & post our experiences in this thread. Fellow FreeBSD users can also post their experiences with the OS in this thread. I've been using FreeBSD since last couple of days. It really, is a...
  8. pra85

    hide a icon from the taskbar

    my OS is Win 7 Ultimate i want to hide the icon of Utorrent in the taskbar so that it only works in the background without being detected by anybody:mrgreen: [hide in the sense that it is not at all there ,even in the hidden icons]
  9. shiwa436

    Need Help with these type of Viruses

    Hi guys, In my my system there are some .exe files, which cannot be deleted. They are not even detected by SUPERAntiSpywarePro antivirus. They are named as jfhlc.exe, jjuffe.exe Help me how to delete them....
  10. patkim

    DVD RW Disk issue

    I have moserbear DVD RW disk. Off lately it fails to get detected or takes too long to get detected. This happens after I erase the contents & disk is blank. The disk with some data/file burnt onto it gets detected immediately. I have tried both methods quick as well as full erase. End...
  11. D

    xp not staring

    guys, my hard disk was givving trouble so i took it to someoen and he installed 2 xp i n different drives and gave the system was running succesfully there. But when i came back home and connected the harddisk,it got detected first,then the OS selection menu came but when i select any of the...
  12. S

    Hard disc not detected

    Hai Friends I am using Compaq Presario SR1512IL Desktop PC the following is the specification In my PC they gave 40GB harddisc with that i have added 160GB sata harddisc i works fine for...
  13. desmond_315

    USB IDE HDD not detected

    Bought a new maotherboard and processor.. Installed windows xp sp2. USB pen drive gets detected but my USB IDE HDD 160 GB doe not.. Does not get detected at BIOS and windows hangs durng loading if it is connected. If i connected it after Windows load , icon for removable hardware come in the...
  14. hjpotter92

    Delay in pc boot

    I recently purchased PC with following specs i7 920 process of 2.67GHz,Mother Board intelDX58SO, RAM 1GBx3 of 1333MHz FSB Transcend , NVIDIA graphic card 9600 GS of 776MB,SATA 320 GB HDD, the monitor is Samsung syncMaster 920nw KB & Mouse PS2 into USB loaded with WinXp Proff 64bit...
  15. N

    DVD+/- Detected as DVD RAM

    I have ASUS DVD Writter which I brought 2 years back. Now I have been getting some problem with it. My DVD RW is detected as DVD RAM and I'm unable to write DVDs with software like Nero or any other. This problem is only with Windows XP SP2 and SP3. On my other partition, I have Windows...
  16. rajatgarewal

    DVD Writer Not Being Detected

    I just bought LG SATA Dvd writer and tried installing it but its not being detected. I tried different SATA and power cables also. In BIOS setup also, no SATA is being detected other then hard disc. And Dvd writer is getting hot so its getting power also. Please help me out.
  17. Davidboon

    [HELP] system infected by nmdfgds0.dll

    Avast detected a few viruses on my computer named nmdfgds0.dll. Even after removal it reappears at startup. As the Consequences: computer is slowed down,its impossible to launch the applications a few times, operation of hard drives in new windows, can not display hidden files ... So thank...
  18. G

    Help, my mp3 player not getting recharged???

    Hi techies, after 2 months am back here (will go back soon) for you great helps to my endless problems. Actually I have a Samsung YP-U3 portable mp3 player & I didn't use it for 1 and half months due to my exam. Now my problem is that when I connect this mp3 to the USB of my PC then it dosen't...
  19. confused

    Hard-disk not being detected

    I have a seagate, 500GB (SV35.3) internal HDD. i am using it as an external drive with the help of a usb-to-sata adapter (TECH-COM). while transferring data, i happened to touch the wires (power and data) connected to the HDD. the HDD immediately was shown as disconnected and the transfer...
  20. saurabh kakkar

    How to Configure MTNL Broadband in Puppy Linux

    After encountering mouse Undetection problem in puppy 4.1.2 I downloaded puppy 2.1.6 to gave a try and to my surprise it detected my mouse I m using puppy linux 2.1.6 on Virtual Pc 2007 but I m unable to use internet it is not able to detect my MTNL broadband earlier i had used DSL and ubuntu...
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