1. D

    Auto detection of Modem in Windows XP

    I recently bought a DLink External modem, Model DFM-560ES. I downloaded separate drivers for Windows 98 SE and Windows XP from the net. The modem is detected in Win 98SE on bootup (ie it is displayed in the device manager) without it being powered on. However, in WinXP, the modem is required to...
  2. doom_marine

    suse 9.1 Drivers

    I installed suse linux but it says no modem detected, i have a d-link internal modem any help My Ati Radeon 9800 Pro is detected but it says no 3D Acceleration
  3. mariner

    new threats detected !!!!

    new trojans n virii alert has been given from symantec. visit for details.
  4. J

    Cannot partition hard disk. Help required

    I have a 20 GB Quantum Fireball hard disk. I can not partition it at all. I have tried it using all the resources available with me like, Fdisk, Partition Magic, Partition Manager, Disk Druid (linux), Computer Management in WinXP. Every time I get some message that says "CANNOT PARTITION THE...
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