1. Desmond

    Hard drive not detected in Windows XP, detected in BIOS.

    Hi, I have a Seagate Barracuda 320 GB internal hard drive. When I try to boot from it, it performs dead slow and I am unable to do anything at all on my machine. When I move it to another machine as a slave, it does not show up at all, despite the fact that the drivers are installed and it...
  2. G

    BSOD [he Windows Driver Framework has detected Voilation]

    From yesterday i am getting this Error The Windows Driver Framework has detected STOP: 0x0000010D Driver - 12.8 AMD Card - HD 7770 The Error was sonething like this A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The Windows Driver...
  3. sanny16

    1 tb portable usb 3.0 not detected in winxp

    My WD 1 tb portable usb 3.0 is not being detected by win xp. I am plugging it to a usb 2.0 port because i dont have usb 3.0 in my desktop. On the wire of usb 3.0 hdd it says usb 2.0 compatible then why my pc is not detecting it. My 16 gb 3.0 transcend is also getting detected then why is that...
  4. V

    External HDD Prob - works on TV but not on comp :/

    Hi, My 1TB WD USB 2.0 External HDD is not getting detected on my computer. I've tried it on other PCs and laptops as well. Earlier, when plugged in, it'd be displayed as Elements (E). Now it just shows Local Disk (E) but doesn't open. It throws an error saying file could be corrupt (i'll post...
  5. R

    sapphire 6850 fan problem

    friends as soon as i press the power button my gpu's fan starts rotating at 100 %....and its not coming down ...i even tried Sapphire trixx to bring down the fan speed but no success........and sometimes card is not detected but still its fan is ON @ 100%.........i have tried system...
  6. S

    Beetel Zte mf190 Usb modem not detecting ONLY Vodafone Sim

    Hi guys I have this modem since two years. It has been working until I handed it a new vodafone Sim i recently bought. It refuses to detect the sim and claims there is 'no sim inserted'. I tried another Voda sim ( which I have been using personally from months) and it did'nt budge again. The...
  7. A

    Sound CArd Not Working of DELL INSPIRON 1546.....

    Sorry LAPTOP IS INSPIRON 1564..... From past few day back my sound card is not detected by windows 7.. it says NO AUDIO FOUND...i did everything still not working .... then i booted into Ubuntu 12.04 live dvd and it also didnt detected MY sound card...( Realtek HD AUDIO).Is ma sound card of...
  8. pratyush997

    Seagate Momentus 5400.6 Hard Drive doesn't get Detected!!

    I Have a Portable HDD i.e Seagate momentus 5400.6 320 GB HDD. It's not detected on PC(windows XP):cry::cry::cry:. I have already tried connecting it to other PC. But failed ...:cry: ... I Have attached it's pics in attachment !! PLZzzzzzzz Help me !!:cry:
  9. ajayritik

    Problems with laptop

    Hi I have a Dell inspiron 1525 Laptop which for the past few days has started showing some up some problems. Couple of days back while working on it I got a blue screen and then I restarted it. It then while booting up gave me an option to repair something which I didn't select and selected boot...
  10. Siddharth_1

    CS 1.6: KZ hack infected

    I joined a CS 1.6 server with the map hns_floppytown. The server downloaded and installed some files on my computer. After playing for sometime i left the server and joined another server. The server kicked me out and gave a message that KZ hack was detected. I joined another server and the same...
  11. A

    Hard disk is not detected

    I purchased a new PC some days ago. The configuration is in my signature. I started installing everything in my cabinet today. The PC boots up into the BIOS and all I can see is the DVD Drive. There is no sign of the HDD in BIOS. I have the HDD connected to SATA 1 and DVD to SATA 2.. I tried...
  12. anandharaja

    Overheating pendrive

    hi i have 2GB Transcend pen drive until yesterday it works very well, but suddenly today i plugged in, my pen drive not detected, after several attempts of plugging and unplugging, pen drive detected with format window. i formatted pen drive but now its overheating unable to hold in hand. is...
  13. P

    My wlan receiver not workin! PLS HELP..

    Hey i have a compaq laptop which is about 5 years old. When i was using the existing windows xp sp 2 it was detecting all the wifi networks around me. Recently i formatted it And installed win xp sp 3 in it. Then the sound and wifi drivers were gone. I installed both of these from hp's site...
  14. S

    My hard disk can make itself vanish

    My hard dsik doesnt gets detected 40% of time.when it does gets detected after sometime after logging in it just vanishes.Especially when i am doing something on that hard disk.i ran a smart test and it says ok?
  15. B

    9400gt not detected in system!!!

    i brought a 9400gt from a friend of mine for some work. i installed the card in pci x16 slot. when i start the system the GPU fan runs but the card is not detected in my computer. please help what to do. PS: my mobo is Intel D945GCNL & PSU is local one of 500w.
  16. ajayritik

    Need help setting up internal HDD in external HDD box

    I have bought an external HDD enclosure so that I can use my old IDE HDD as external HDD. However when I connected everything I don't find the HDD being detected. Can someone please help me on this. Also in the manual it's mentioned that the HDD Should be set up as Master. Do I do this using...
  17. D

    Huaewi e173 3g modem problem

    got a unlocked huawei E173 3G modem but when i plug it first it shows as huawei modem detected and shows a problem occurred during hardware installation .your hardware will not work properly:sad: and the modem appears as usb device not getting detected
  18. S

    laptop battery not detecte

    Hi, I've just got my laptop speakers changed. But since than, my laptop is not detecting the battery and showing a weird message on startup that battery will not be charged. The battery is not being detected and as soon as I pull out my charger, laptop just gets turned off immediately. What...
  19. ashu888ashu888

    Strange DDR3 (1333Mhz) RAM Problem on Msi x58 mobo

    Hey guys, I have Corsair 1333Mhz DDR3 (3x1GB) RAM Kit running on MSi X58 Pro -E motherboard, with Win 7 Ultimate 64bit OS Now, as all x58 mobos support tri channel memory, my 3GB Ram kit only shows 2GB :confused: It started to happen cpl of weeks ago, scenario-1: All 3 Sticks...
  20. sujeet2555

    sound not detected after crash

    hi my config is asus m3a78-em mobo, phenom x4, window7-32 bit. onboard sound is realtek alc1200. there is low voltage problem in my,my ups doesn't keep up with it and often my pc get turn off directly without shutting down. after starting the pc ,i get no sound controller in...
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