1. A

    Laptop temperatures

    Hi guys, what temperatures of CPU, GPU is fine for idle laptops? 1070 runs at 54 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. i7 6700HQ runs at 61 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. I have a setting to max out my fan speed(4800 rpm), when I do this, in...
  2. J

    FX 8320 temperature control.

    I am in a bit of a tricky situation. I have the FX 8320 and I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212x installed along with CM thermal fusion 400 paste. Idle temp:- 16/17 and prime95 for two hours -> Core temperature is 52~53 degrees and socket is 68 degrees, which is fine I guess. The problem is...
  3. L

    Inverter or non inverter

    Hey i recently bought an samsung 5star 1.5.tonn ac for around 38k and i am satisfied with its perfotmance and i am now planning to buy another buy this time i am planning to get a inverter ac and i heard that inverter ac's do not cool sufficently on tempratures more than 45 degrees and if that...
  4. seamon

    Real Home made Laptop cooler Digit Edition v2.0 (Final).

    My previous laptop "cooler" was merely a laptop stand to uplift the laptop a little so I decided to heavily mod it and make it into a true laptop cooler. I request the mods to close the previous thread. New features include a cool skin, a cabinet fan to cool the second graphic card and LEDs...
  5. V

    My laptop Smells funny - dv6 6140tx

    My laptop smells like something is burning when I play games these days! I'm not sure if it's the plastic or any of the parts inside! It first happened last week when I was playing saints row 4.... I thought it there was something cooking in the house close to mine so I didn't bother much...
  6. A

    Suggest cooling pad for Asus K53SM-SX010D

    Hi all! My laptop runs pretty hot during gaming (and particularly more so in Delhi heat). I have seen temperatures as high as 90 degrees. I am looking to buy a cooling pad to get rid of some of those degrees. I am not planning to spend over Rs. 1000. I was looking at Cooler Master Notepal L1...
  7. kg11sgbg

    Linux Mint 14 (64-bit) facing issues!!!

    The Linux Mint-14(64-bit) a.k.a. NADIA is successfully running onto my Desktop PC,except two issues:---> 1). The mouse pointer freezes up,when I am in writing(keyboard user) mode.I have to click left/right button and then activate it to make functional. What problem is this? Any...
  8. marvelousprashant

    Quick Review : Coolermaster Notepal L1 - VFM cooling pad

    I bought the Coolermaster Notepal L1 about a week ago from Flipkart. Priced at Rs 900 this is probably the best cooling pad you can get on a tight budget. Build quality - 8/10 Build quality is pretty good. It feels sturdy with no creaks that you will find in cheap plastic cooling pads available...
  9. debarshi

    GPU, HDD and CPU overheating.

    I have a configuration of Intel Pentium D 820 SmithField 2.8 Ghz, ATI Radeon HD 5450 (without fan), and a Seagate ST380211AS ATA HDD. Temperature in the past few days have gone through the roof... CPU temperature in idle state hovers around 80 degrees, GPU around 68 degrees and HDD at 50...
  10. rohit32407

    Is 56 Degrees PCH Temp Normal?

    My current config is in the Signature. My PCH temp is 56 degrees right from the moment i start my PC. Is this normal? I have 2 fans at the moment 1 in rear for exhaust and 1 in front for intake. If this isnt normal then what can be done to lower it? Motherboard temperature hovers around 41...
  11. J

    Problem with new GPU

    I have been using my new 6850 for about a week. It was running fine in all games. I finished max payne 3,nfs the run and crysis 2. they were all smooth. Idle temperatures of GPU:- 40-44 degrees Load temperatures(games):- 62-65 degrees. once it touched 68 degrees but temps came down soon to...
  12. N

    GPU touches 80, PC shuts down

    Guys, I'm having a bit of a problem here. It was all fine a week ago, but now when I start to play BF3, after about 20-30 minutes, the PC shuts off like there's no power. I stressed my CPU with Prime95 and the PC didn't turn off. The CPU temps were 60-61 on stress. But when I used FurMark... my...
  13. P

    Query regarding Liquid Cooling For Palit GTX 560

    Hi, I purchased a Palit Ge Force GTX 560 in november 2011. I have noticed that its temperatures are as follows: idle: 45 degrees C under load: 85-90 degrees C Sometimes i doubt that its stock cooler is very poor, and does no job of cooling. I wonder if a CPU Cooler like Corsair CWCH60...
  14. J

    laptop cpu fan switches off when lid is closed

    I have an Acer 5742g laptop with an i5 processor. Whenever I am downloading something and I am not doing any other work on the laptop I close the laptop lid. This causes the CPU fan to switch off. When I check the CPU temperature using Speed Fan its is about 72 degrees Celsius whereas the normal...
  15. Vyom

    Six degrees of Separation is Old News. Now it's just 4.7 !!

    Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, "a friend of a friend" statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. Well...
  16. J


    Sorry for the long essay about to follow but thought I'd make it detailed. :-? I bought an amd athlon II x3 435 around 2 years ago. 2 months earlier I unlocked it into a phenom II x4 B35 processor. It was stable and I tested it for long hours(6-8 hours continuous running), as well as with...
  17. v.Na5h

    Diwali cleaning: Magic of MX-2

    Before (CM HTK-002) After (MX-2) Almost 20 degrees difference of load temps!!
  18. S

    Share your computer temps

    I have a stock athlon II X3 440 processor and use the cooling fan that came along with it. I have a very basic computer case by techcom, which has actually no airflow whatsoever. So I removed the Side panel, for more airflow. Still my core temperatures are incredibly high, my computer idles...
  19. A

    Is there something wrong?

    Is there something wrong with my CPU or SpeedFan doesn't work properly..because from 3 months..I have been seeing these values..and those degrees change only by a value of + or - 1.
  20. M

    Intel i7 2600k temperatures..

    I have a intel core i7 2600k processor and a maximus iv extreme(b3) mobo. The processor is at stock 3.4 Ghz. I am using a Cooler master Hyper N620 cooler. My room ambient is around 29 degrees C in visakhapatnam. My case is a Cooler Master HAF-X. I notice in HWMonitor that the idle...
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