1. NoasArcAngel

    Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen Faster than Lochte?

    LONDON — Olympic officials defended Chinese teen swimmer Ye Shiwen against whispers of doping after she won the 400-meter individual medley Saturday in world-record time – and she made her own statement by winning another gold medal in the 200 IM Tuesday night. The 16-year-old clocked 2:07.57...
  2. MetalheadGautham

    Huawei Ideos X5 U8800 - Worth ?

    I'm waiting to buy a new ICS phone in 9k range. Was waiting for Sony Xperia Tipo. Seems like its going to take time to arrive. Meanwhile, I was blown over by the specs of Huawei Ideos X5 U8800. 512MB RAM, 800MHz/1GHz CPU (depending on ROM) and most importantly 3.8" Screen (splendid for...
  3. gurujee

    Cheapest P&S Camera available today

    Dear friends, I want to buy the cheapest Point & shoot available in market for gifting to my cousin. It should be branded not Chinese. The one i found is canon's costing 3k or something. Is there any other options for me ?
  4. Skyh3ck

    Chinese CPU arrived.....

    Hey... I just came across this news today.....a multicore chinese CPU Chinese high end CPUs are now in the game - details: Part 1 by Loongson 3B - being an 8-core 1.05 GHz CPU, with each CPU having a 256-bit vector FP unit as well. Despite the low clock and 65 nm process, the...
  5. icebags

    Language learners' discussion thread !! :D

    Hello all, any language enthusiasts out there ? Who feel there are more languages out there than our typical 3-language boundary and that need to be leaned to understand the world better ? Then join here and find your kins to practice, discuss and to share and obtain guidance for your...
  6. D

    MP3 player in good condition

    Hi Looking to a buy a Mp3 player in good condition.It should have playlist creation feature unlike the cheaper Chinese ones. If anyone selling,kindly lemme know.. Thanks
  7. R

    Help with Chinese Android Tablet

    Hi guys, I am not familiar with Android OS, so my friend has this Chinese Tab its Android v2.2 pre-installed. He is getting some kernel error while starting it. I want to know how could I reinstall the OS (v2.2), or upgrade it. Pls give me detailed ways of doing this. Thanks
  8. K

    Chinese company xiaomi to launch an android phone with support from MIUI

    Chinese co xiaomi is going to launch a new android phone with killer specs.......:-o It is powered by MIUI the most famous modders for android and is suppose to be in range of sub 300$..... Here is the link check out.... Xiaomi Phone is 1.5GHz dual-core droid from China, to cost $310 -...
  9. P

    Good USB sound card 5.1 for laptop

    Please suggest me a good usb sound card 5.1 for my Laptop . I have checked Creative sound Blaster 5.1 and some Chinese sound cards. the price of creative is around 4000 INR and the chinese are quite cheap around 300 INR. the creative is tooo costly and the chinese are useless. I...
  10. A

    Chinese Andriod Phones ay ebay ?

    Hey guys, Look at these cell phones... Chinese make, android 2.2.1, Dual Sim n very cheap. eBay India's Deal Junction - one stop shop for hottest deals & bargains on mobile phones, digicams, laptops, LCD TVs, computers, movies, shoes, diamond jewellery & more Any comments ? r they...
  11. C

    Buying a new smart phone guide

    Hi guys, new to digit forum. and i really need a lot of help in buying up a brand new smartphone. please read below my preferrences and help me get one. Budget: 10000 (less than) OS preferrence: Symbian(s60v5)/android {dont recommend bada os, blackberry, webos etc.} touch screen or querty.(...
  12. C

    need a mPga 478 socket 945 motherboard

    Hello guys, I have a really old computer which worked fine untill the mobo is dead :-x So right now I need a old mobo for my P-4 .If anybody has that let me know plz. I also want to know one more thing.there are chinese 945 boards available in the market. Is it fine to use a chinese one?
  13. R

    Back from UB

    Hey Friends, returned from Ulaan Bataar last week. I also stayed in Finland (Tampere) for a while. We had a project phase and a training phase (wait! we trained :), we were not trainees!) Haven't posted anything for a long time, but I see my bro has been using my forum account regularly! It...
  14. K

    looking for links home tv chinese serials

    hindi or english verson of home tv chinese serial. pls give link for those serials "The Zu mountain saga" "Brothers under the skin" "The blood stained intrigue" (story of red and blue swords) "Land of the Condors" "The Other Side of The Horizon" "Legend of the Condor...
  15. vinyasmusic

    Mobile within Rs. 4K

    Hi guys n girls ... Can u suggest me some good mobiles within 4000 preferably within 3000 Any brand except NOkia ... Even chinese mobiles are ok with me ... Plz suggest some with Music player facility ... I was thinking of Micromax or any chinese Iphone copies like Ciphone or Cect Plz...
  16. nishant1512

    chinese pmp firmware problem

    hey guys.. need help regarding my mp4 player i bought a chinese mp4 player about 3 years ago n now i m having many problems with its firmware. how to upgrade it a newer version or where can i find the required utilities?? my firmware is ACTS16D-37 3.5.37-001 just tell me how to restore the...
  17. E

    Chinese mobiles with fake IMEI's : Have they really gone offline?

    It was recently in the news that all chinese mobiles with fake imei's have been blocked with GoI. So does anyone have a chinese mobile in the first place? ;) And is it blocked for real now?
  18. Plasma_Snake

    Net on Chinese phone

    A guy I know has a dual-sim Chinese phone, copy of Nokia E6300. He wants to know as to how to run GPRS/EDGE based Internet on it and also how to run Internet on PC via phone. The only PC-phone connectivity option he has is via Bluetooth as there is no plausible data cable or PC suite for the...
  19. Faun

    Indians, get out: Chinese armymen

    * Jai ho ! Jab Pakistan ke samne sharmnaak joint statement kari toh ab kya expect kar sakte hai iss puppet government se.
  20. V

    Split India!!- chinese new mantra!!

    On reading this news whether to laugh are being angry..But the news is not new..Chinese strategy is decade old related with Mao-s thinking...What the present CPM -India is trying to push.. Posted on April 8 on the website (International Institute for Strategic Studies), the article...
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