1. iinfi

    doomsday coming .... yet another thread??

    this is not a news .. this a jus a article on what a defence expert had to say.... btw lemme tell you a friend of mine who has immense interest in economics, looking into the blue autumn sky sometime in 2004-05, said "the world economy is going through a rough patch. US and Europe mite see a...
  2. nix

    China laughs openly at US treasury secretary

    link: * US treasury secretary was laughed at openly by chinese students at peking university. Geithner said "chinese assets are safe", to which the chinese laughed. china is the largest holder of US debt, around a trillion US...
  3. H

    Driver Issue ! help needed

    Well Friends I need some new drivers for my 3 year old intex nic card ! This baby works great in x86 environment with it drivers but i does not have x64 drivers !! No i upgrade to x64 its drivers are not working .. i downloaded the drivers form intex site ! No success! After searching a lot i...
  4. V

    Chinese vendors face virtual ban in future tenders of BSNL!!

    The controversy over selection of Chinese vendor Huawei for BSNL''s mega-GSM tender in the southern region, appears to backfire on the Chinese companies as the DoT has advised BSNL to refrain from the use of equipment supplied by Chinese companies in future contracts. “In view of the...
  5. shift

    China blocks YouTube without an explanation

    Beijing (China) - YouTube has once again been blocked by the Chinese government. Google has been given no reason for the blockage, but discovered it themselves after noticing a decline in Chinese traffic around noon on Monday. Many believe the blockage relates to recent videos depicting alleged...
  6. nix

    shoe thrown toward chinese premier in UK-detailed article

    source:associated press, * i must say, this guy is very brave. thank god he didnt do that in china. both indians and americans have something to learn from this incident-nothing can beat the patriotism of...
  7. Flashbang

    Carbon patching

    Can u tell me how 2 get NFS Carbon patch 1.4 for chinese version ? i have 1.2 version.
  8. K

    Chinese media questions Chandrayaan's success

    BEIJING: India's Chandrayaan mission may have evoked a good bit of national pride and come in for praise from different quarters worldwide including the White House in Washington. But a large section of the Chinese media has raised questions published articles questioning the success of...
  9. aditya1987

    Suggest some good chinese fantasy movies dubbed in english??

    Hello friends.. I recently watched a chinese movie dubbed in english called "Curse Of Golden Flower". It was awesome. The set and the the costumes used in the movie was great. Can you suggest some other chinese fantasy movies dubbed in english... Thak you... ;-)
  10. IronManForever

    Information about Chinese Phones..

    Well guys, Time for another query. Its just been a fortnight I got my HTC Gene. And I have already started to take keen interest on what my next Mobile is gonna be. :D ^^ This is one of the many opinions about Chinese phones that I have read online. Those who havent used them are skeptic...
  11. 4T7

    China's Godson could be an Intel killer

    China's new Godson-3 chip is starting to show that Intel could face some problems from behind the bamboo curtain. Developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the chip aims to make China less dependent on the likes of Intel and AMD. While this could hurt sales for both those companies in...
  12. iinfi

    Chinese Army takes part in I-Day celebration in Arunachal

    Chinese Army takes part in I-Day celebration in Arunachal hmmm... no comments
  13. R

    Airtel dumps chinese mobile?

    Earlier I used GPRS from airtel with chinese mobile and the settings were furnished by airtel. Then I switched over to nokia for some time. In the meanwhile gprs settings in my chinese mobile got erased. Today when I requested manual settings for chinese mobile, the airtel people say they no...
  14. A

    Thousand-hand Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva(News for 2008 Olympic Games)

    Chinese dancers perform the "Thousand-hand Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva", or "Guan Yin", a Chinese goddess, at the Olympic Village in Beijing July 31, 2008. For more info:*
  15. K

    Chinese vs Korean phones -- better evil?

    Are Korean phones better than Chinese. I'm not going to buy any of these of anything unbranded (had enough of trouble with them already!). Just curious.
  16. jatt

    Please help MO on chinese mobile

    i want to use my airtel mobile office on chinese mobile set but how can i configure it? is it possible on chinese mobile.if anyone is using it please share your experience here.i will be very thankful to you all.
  17. V

    3.5 mm jack for 3500c

    Hi ! I've recently bought a Nokia 3500c. The bundled earphones are nice but I wanted 2 know dat if there are any 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack adapters available. Please quote the price also if available, chinese is not a problem..... (PS:U think of an imaginary thing n d chinese have alike in the market :D)

    How to convert videos for Chinese mobiles?

    Hi frnds, Here I wana ask you that which converter should I use to convert videos for chinese mobiles. I tried Imtoo wid various settings..but nothin helped....Plz suggest is there any special encoding settings...
  19. A

    Change Language settings

    Hi I just got a movie DVD from my freind. When i run that DVD it is in chinese. My freind says he has seen the DVD and in English. He said when he ran the cd in his laptop it gave him an option to run in english or chinese. Which i am not getting. Could someone pls tell me if i have to use some...
  20. tinku dhar

    Is anyone usin Chinese Fone ?

    I bought a new Chinese Fone S3 it got very gud quality of sound nd display ..... its just 3500 Rs but the thang is can we put mo theme ? or appz or games ? holla back !!!!
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