Huawei Ideos X5 U8800 - Worth ?

I'm waiting to buy a new ICS phone in 9k range. Was waiting for Sony Xperia Tipo. Seems like its going to take time to arrive. Meanwhile, I was blown over by the specs of Huawei Ideos X5 U8800.

512MB RAM, 800MHz/1GHz CPU (depending on ROM) and most importantly 3.8" Screen (splendid for browsing the internet and searching maps). Stock Froyo, upgradable to Gingerbread.

Costs 12k for normal and 13.8 for pro version (what is the difference except 200MHz speed bump ?)

Since its Qualcomm Snapdragon, ICS source code is available here: *

And from what I could see on XDA, some nice chap has already made a ROM using it that bumps clock speed to 1GHz even for the cheaper non-pro version.

Is it worth buying ? I know Huawei is one of the Chinese companies that does not have typically horrible Chinese quality (and is actually good). But how is Huawei service ? Bangalorein particular - any service centers around ?

On flipkart, I see no phone that comes even *close* to it at that budget, with the huge screen :-D


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At almost the same price, you can get Motorola Defy Plus now....
All in all the Huawei U8800 pro seems lika an awesome phone...
The pro has snapdragon CPU 1Ghz, and FM Radio addition compared to the original.

DEFY+ has a TI OMAP CPU which scores lesser than the Qualcomm CPU though both are clocked the same at 1GHz and both have the same 512MB RAM.


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Pro received official ICS. non-pro one was sent to DEV camp to receive ICS.

X5 Pro has MSM8255 which is a slightly enhanced version of MSM7230 on the cheaper X5. But i thing i am not sure but rom made for X5 mayn't work on X5 Pro. So which have better rom and more active development, choose that one.


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The Ideos X5 is not longer available in the market, it's discontinued. You'll only find X5 Pro. I have been using the phone for the last month or so, and I have had no issues with calls/browsing/watching movies. Battery backup is quite good for the specs (better than my LG O1 for the same capacity).
Service options are limited, there's one in Rajajinagar in B'lore which is closer to my home, fortunately never had to visit there...
ICS upgrade is available, but I found the GB interface quite good and currently sticking to it.
XDA has plenty of custom ROMs based on MIUI, Aurora and someone has ported the Honor ROM to Ideos X5 Pro with CPU overclocked to 1.4 Ghz.
I'm have quite happy with my purchase and would recommend without hesitation. :mrgreen:


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Yeah, I too am a owner of Huawei x5 pro for about a week now. Great phone at an amazing price. Recommend it wholeheartedly.
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