1. phuchungbhutia

    china claming north sikkim?

    :China has surprised India by laying claim on a small tract of land in North Sikkim, even threatening this week to demolish existing stone structures there. India has strongly rebutted these claims, lodged an official protest and barred Chinese troops from entering the area. Referred to as...
  2. K

    Chinese Resteraunts in Delhi

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any nice-but-cheap chinese resteraunts in delhi, Looking for a new place to go,
  3. D

    chinese phone..

    I am looking forward to buy a chinese phone with touchscreen& keypad both java games & software gud sound quality & gud battery backup for <8k. Where can i get them in delhi/ncr??? Will it last for 2 years?? is there any brand /model no. any1 wuld suggest??
  4. roni roxy

    Chinese or branded ?????????

    Well there are a variety of chinese mobiles available in the market which have tons of features and are available at very low prices. The features provide in these phones are like touch screen, 2 cameras,dual sim,tv etc . The branded companies charge a lot for the features :arrow::confused: ...
  5. C

    K550(c)i Chinese Main and FS

    Hi, first post here, looks like a great forum! Does anybodyknow where to find the "original" chinese firmware for my flashed K550, because I have the white screen problem and I want to have it exchanged/repaired. Currently the phone is flashed to R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LI_RED52 and...
  6. R

    where can I get an original iPod in Mumbai

    Yes. where can I get an orignal (not chinese made) iPod in Mumbai
  7. V

    MEA computer systems hacked by China!!

    Chinese hackers broke into the computer network of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) recently prompting the government to think about fortifying the system. No sensitive information is believed to have been accessed during the hacking which was detected during regular checks by the...
  8. gary4gar

    Change from Chinese windows back to English interface in Vista

    My Uncle recently brought Thinkpad for me on his trip to china a gift but its display is Chinese. lenovo Thinkpad R61i which comes with Vista Home Basic How do i change it to English?
  9. R

    Chinese mobiles games & softwares where to get??

    I got a new chinese mobile which is quite feature packed but I cant find any 3rd party game or softwares which can load on the chinese mobile. What OS do chinese mobile use? any sourse for downloading games/software which work on chinese mobile? I basically want a blacklist software for my...
  10. A

    How to play video on chinese ps3 o.o

    i have a chinese kisen p83 and it says that it plays avi n mp4 but every avi that i tried doesnt works on it so i went to my vendor and told him, he gave me some video's they work on p83 . how ever i asked them and they are not telling my software name, anyone know? HELP :(
  11. ajooba215

    need info about chinese phones....

    hey guys...does anyone know...which os do these chinese phones support?
  12. Third Eye

    Motorola May Leave Handset Business

    Just stumbled upon this.. Source
  13. hellraiser

    Search of cheapest SMS junkie's fon..

    hey folks, i am in serach of fon which is capable of sending SMSes,seamless, to atleast 60 contacts at a tiime (by distribution list NOT THE MULTI SELECT). How about chinese fons....??? Can i mod chinese phone?? Which OS they usese??? Ur suggestions plz...
  14. ajooba215

    which format do these chinese phones support...????

    hi folks....this is gurpreet singh asking for some help....if anyone one of you knows anything related to these "chinese" phones or about the format that they support...then pls reply me on this thread....:D
  15. N

    How the Chinese phones do?

    Chinese phones, with large displays and touch screens. Are they good for internet, mail and games? And what about multimedia playback?
  16. Cyrus_the_virus

    Two Koreas Join Forces to Develop Linux

    South and North Korea team up to develop a version of ‘Hana Linux (tentatively named)’ and set standards. Reunification IT Forum (South), Chosun People’s Science Technology Association (North) and Chinese Information Society co-hosted ICMIP 2007 in Yenji, China on November 27 to 28. At the...
  17. esumitkumar

    Chinese mobiles ??

    Guys In the train , I met a man. He was showing a chinese mobile he purchased fin 5500 Rs only..the phone had a big screen , it was with stylus :o :o :o and 16 M colors, 4 speakers were on it and sound was damn gud ....... can somebody tell more specifications about these chinese mobiles...
  18. kool

    i bought mp4 player (4 GB) for Rs.1100 !!

    Hi friends, Today i bought a local mp4 player of 4 GB for Rs.1100, but bundeled disk is blank, so from where i can download Drivers/software for my player???? Right now i'm able to play only mp3 files by drag & drop like pendrive. Can anyone tell me how to play video, text file?? Nothing is...
  19. G

    chinese mobiles!!!!!!

    hey guys .............hav u ever heard or used fake chinese mobiles ............. they've got some tempting features at very low prices ............... Some mobiles are.... ---ANYCAL 5200+ Gaming mobile --- it plays .nes roms and has dedicated gaming controls + it is a dual slide...
  20. debsuvra

    China Release fake iPhone models

    Some of the Chinese cellphone companies quickly cloned the celebrated Apple iPhone as they usually did with any other products.:lol: See it here: A Chinese company Meizu have come with the phone. The little gadget was bootleg gold, a secret...
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