1. vish786

    Most Delicious or Disgusting Food... U wanna taste it ?

    The reason why Chinese Food is Famous and Liked. :D... I'm sure u too will like the Chinese Food. :D The last pics has Dish made of " HUMAN BRAINS ".
  2. tango_cash

    is there any website which can help me identify the language of a web page???????????

    hi is there any website which can identify which language is the text in a webpage is written. like if i have some text in chinese and i paste it on the site then it will tell me that the text is in chinese language. i need a language identifier thing.
  3. T

    Digital Camera

    Please suugg. a good Digital Camera Branded around 5000-6000. also 7 in 1 Digital camera (Chinese)? And Where to buy in Mumbai.
  4. M

    WinRAR Password Problem

    Recently i downloaded file from chinese website which is compress in WinRAR and it was with chinese password. I know the chinese password but when i use in WinRAR to extract the file, WinRAR shows password is wrong. After few moment i downloaded another file with chinese password but when i...
  5. knight17

    Information Warfare.

    Information Warfare Information warfare is a strategy for undermining a military enemy's data and information systems, while defending and leveraging one's own information edge. This type of war has no front line; potential battlefields are anywhere networked systems can be accessed --oil and...
  6. R

    mp3 player wanted

    can any one suggest which mp3 player i should go for . my budget is around 5000 and i want a branded one not the chinese player. and atleast 512 mb
  7. A

    MiG-21f fighter jet on eBay

    -- SOURCE TG DAILY A Chinese businessman has created a quandary for the Chinese government after buying a MiG-21f jet fighter on eBay putting forward $ 24,730
  8. abhishek_sharma

    never buy cheap chinese mp3 player!!!

    i recently bought a cheap 256mb mp3 player frm for rs.1100 it looked good when it arrived...and had nice looks and had sony written on it which looked like ekdum real. of course i knew it was a chinese thingy..but i didnt expect it to b so bad. first, i tried to insert a battery...
  9. M

    changing the default language in office xp

    I installed office xp(v 10) in my turned out to be a chinese version. since all the options are in chinese language I could not use OFFICE XP LANGUAGE SETTINGS. How can i set the default language to english?
  10. S

    Mobile Phone problem

    i was gifted this mobile phoneby one of my relative.. The mobile has lot of features but i dont have catalog of it...and the cd that came with it has only software...
  11. H

    USB Drive cum MP3 player upgrade

    I have a 512 MB MP3 player cum pen drive from some Chinese company.[It has the name of a well known company on it & looks very real but I know its Chinese because its manual is written in Chinese.] I want to know whether I can replace the memory card within to a 1-Gb one? Also I want to...
  12. A

    Game Languages

    I recently got The Battle for Middle-Earth, but unfortunately, its the Chinese Traditional version(Its the original game, but its the Chinese version) Anyways, when the game starts, I can't see any text in the menus(Not even chinese)!!!!! Is there any way I can install some patch or something...
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