1. S

    smartphone in 10-15k budget

    1. Budget? 10-15k 2. Display type and size? 5'-5.5' 3. Dual sim? yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? any except CHINESE as I M A TRUE INDIAN BOYCOTTING CHINESE PRODUCTS. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? good camera quality 6. Preferred operating system...
  2. ShankJ

    Redmi Mi Note Pro - language problem..

    I recently got a new Mi Note Pro for my dad from China.. The phone is just awesome, the feel, build and camera quality are just perfect but the thing that i did not know is that since it has not been out for global release, many of the internal (pre-loaded apps) are in Chinese.. I tried changing...
  3. R

    Where to learn Chinese?

    I want to learn Chinese as i listen that cbse schools have started chinese learning courses. Is that right? Any one can suggest me where can i learn best or from home. Please all suggest best free sources.
  4. maheshn

    Micromax pushing adware and replacing google update on their phones

    Original Source: Micromax is remotely installing crapware and pushing ads onto users' devices - Neowin Quote: "Developers have uncovered evidence that Indian hardware brand Micromax has been surreptitiously installing software on its devices without users' knowledge, following complaints...
  5. Anorion

    Chinese Millionaire replaces village huts with luxury apartments for free

    Chinese businessman builds luxury flats for his old village for free  | Daily Mail Online
  6. A

    Chinese at it again ! : Xaomi Spying on us !, is Lenovo doing the same. !

    Xiaomi phones covertly send user data to China: report | All my doubt's and suspicions are turning into a reality. This news about Xaomi makes me wonder whether the Chinese have any other corporate's doing their "wet work"(read espionage) for them....hmmm, I believe they would...
  7. A

    bet android phone max budget Rs 10000.00

    ok camera ni capable,want to surf internet,see email,do netbanking,screen size any chalega.frustrated with the internet where i am. no CHINESE stuff , no serious game rig also.DUAL sim must.ANDROID only.thanks
  8. Chetan1991

    Are Chinese brands now dependable?

    I was looking for a VFM phone within 20k range and found this phone: Thl T100S Source: Found this phone here: It Ranks 1st. And it costs only 15299...
  9. rhyansy

    The number of Chinese gamers surpasses the number of American citizens

    Can you just imagine that there are 517M Chinese gamers? "Of that 517 million person Chinese gaming audience: 147M are core gamers 28% play more than 1 hour/day 9.7% have spent money Core genres = 70% of revenue" This is insane how gaming industry potential is! News article...
  10. S

    Help want to hard reset my phone but alphabets in chinese

    Guys I have an Canvas A110 (canvas 2). It had sony xperia's Custom ROM installed in it. It has stopped functioning so i planned to hard reset it. But the hard reset options are in chinese cud anyone convert it for me. Im uploading pictures of the hard reset menu. Any kind of help or...
  11. TheHumanBot

    Earphones Around 1k?

    ES18 was my choice but looks like Chinese made so any other suggestions ? :-?
  12. H

    Xolo q800 vs lava iris 504q vs mmx canvas hd116

    To all xolo,lava an micromax users Please guide which company's build quality is great and durable for 2 to 3 years Considering only mt 6589 chipset not 6589m Q800 @ 10000 Rs Iris 504q @ 11500 Rs Canvas hd@ 13000 Rs Which company is better Budget only 12000 The only thing I want to ask is...
  13. icebags

    Sino-Indian defence expert says Chinese aggresive move is to show off "self-confidence".

    - Speech at 22nd Bengal Chamber Think session, by Lora Saalman, a Phd in Sino-Indian military modernisation and a Beijing-based associate at the Nuclear Policy Program of the American think-tank Carnegie Endowment. Source: China expert spies silver lining in Ladakh build-up
  14. G

    Chinese mobile firms enter indian market- Next revolution?

    The Hindu Source2 .... Meanwhile demand for cheap smartphone is obviously high. Micromax Canvas Viva A72, sold out in an hour
  15. CarlonSamuels

    Tablet around 15k

    Hey guys im looking for a tablet in the sub 15k range Requirements Dual Core processor Decent GPU Battery life of about 5-7 hrs 3G calling ICS Also i dont want any Chinese or Indian brand(Iberry,Micromax etc dont want HCL either) I have no idea about tablets so help me I can extend...
  16. D

    How China is enslaving the world

    How China is enslaving the world: Beijing's ruthless leaders subjugate armies of foreign workers with opium, plunder resources across the globe How China is enslaving the world: Beijing's ruthless leaders subjugate armies of foreign workers with opium, plunder resources across the globe - and...
  17. P

    Is it to safe to purchase Chinese Phones from online Sites?

    Hi, Just found good cheap Alternates for Samsung S3 , Should i buy one ? Knock Off Archives | Page 2 of 40 | Anyone brought these Chinese phones ? from any site please share. Thanks
  18. Professor X

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse I am looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for 1000 INR. I would prefer white colour. Thanks in advance. :wink: :bump: Please suggest something. How are the white chinese keyboard and mouse combos? Do they last a year or not?
  19. V

    1962 -The India china WAR revisited!

    To day the politicians are celebrating(remembering) the sacrifices of 4000 Indians soldiers and officers perished in the ice coffins of Himalayas...For 50 years they constantly refused to acknowledged the wanton life lost and Heroic sacrifices made by our brave soldiers. “I remember many a time...
  20. ajaybc

    Onda v712 Dual Core Android Tablet review

    Hi, this is my review of Onda v712 tablet I bought off Aliexpress. PACKAGE AND BUNDLE The tablet comes in a white cardboard box. The package includes the tablet and the charger / data cable. There is no bundled earphone. I would have loved to have a protective pouch too. The bundled user...
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