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  1. S

    cheapest Z77 based board for i3 3220

    Hi ... help needed to buy a cheapest Z77 based board for i3 3220 in terms of money only :) not in quality. please point me in right direction.
  2. harshilsharma63

    Cheapest graphic card faster than HD2000

    Hi. I currently use i3 2100's IGP: HD2000 for gaming. I want to know which is the cheapest graphic card that is substantially faster the HD2000. Please provide both Nvidia and AMD card. And yes, I do not intend to purchase any card as of now.
  3. The Incinerator

    DSLR Dilemma......

    Im planning to buy a DSLR before the festive season. Im crossed between buying the Canon 1100D with better 18-105/18-200 or a Canon 550/600/650D with stock lens at the moment and upgrade later. My question being a novice is how much actual difference is there between the bodies as far as Image...
  4. A

    32 inch led tv

    im keen to buy a 32 inch led samsung model-which one is the cheapest offering internet connectivity and hdmi and max faetures ?
  5. Ricky

    Tata docomo offering 1GB@96 only for whole month

    It appears TATA docomo will always lead in providing cheapest 3G plans. They now hold cheapest 1GB 3G data pack for one month for Rs. 96 only. source:eTI
  6. S

    cheapest motherboard for amd athlon 2x 64 2.2ghz dual core

    i want cheapest motherboard for my old amd athlon 2x 64 2.2ghz dual core processer .
  7. A

    Cheapest MB for I7-3770K and Matrix HD7970P

    Hi Guys, I need suggestions for a cheapest motherboard which can handle this config- I7 3770K Matrix HD7970P Gskill RipJaws (F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL) WD 2 TB Black Corsair HX850W Corsair Force GS 256GB SSD LG U2412M I do have a motherboard Asus MVF and its in RMA. Yesterday i got a new...
  8. S

    Where to buy Nexus 4 for the cheapest price in Kolkata?

    The title says it all. I wanna buy a Nexus 4. In which shop can I get it for the cheapest price. The lowest I'm getting is for 25,700 which is a lot since many guys have mentioned getting it for 24-25k.
  9. P

    The Cheapest GTX 660 Ti in India.

    i would like to know the cheapest gtx 660 ti available in india currently.
  10. ParaXite

    Suggest me a motherboard for this cpu

    Im building a gaming rig and im on a tight budget. Ive decided to go for the i5 3470 and gtx 650 ti boost (going to get from US) Can you suggest me the cheapest b75 or H61 motherboard (going to buy in India)? 1. Im not going to overclock my processor. 2. Its ok if it does not have usb 3.0...
  11. kool

    plz suggest me any cheapest speaker with headphone jack. :/

    Hi guys, in my CPU front audio never works, and i watch movies using headphone only. So i bought USB SOUND card for Rs.100 two times but it gets broke by pushing & pulling from USB port. So now I've decided to buy a speaker with headphone jack, so suggest me cheapest speaker that has...
  12. A

    Recommend Cheapest Phone having caldav and Carddav protocol

    Hi Friends I am looking for a basic phone. Having a good battery life (on standby, calling and 2G sync). My requirements are : - GSM/EDGE (do not mind 3G support but thats not mandatory) - Good battery life with decent response (Do not want to click address book and wait for 10 seconds to...
  13. cacklebolt

    Friend needs cheapest mobo- OCing FX 4300

    As the title says, my friend will be getting the FX 4300 whenver it launches in India and he need the cheapest possible mobo to overclock it. his total budget for entire rig is ~ 35k. remaining components are corsair vengeance 8gb 1600 mhz/ Gskill 8gb 1600 mhz. Radeon HD 7850 Corsair...
  14. esumitkumar

    Cheapest PC config needed budget : 10K

    Hi Guys I already own a laptop but need a cheapest assembled PC for downloading and watching movies..I already have 2.1 speakers Could you please suggest configuration with pricing for cheapest PC Processor should be Intel Max budget : 10K Rgds Sumit
  15. A

    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360 wired controller

    I want to buy Xbox 360 wired controller for PC. Where can i get the cheapest? Rgds, AH
  16. M

    Cheapest full hd led tv with usb recording ?

    I am looking for the cheapest full hd led tv with "usb recording" facility ? I have seen one of Akai 19", but that's not full hd. Any suggestions ?
  17. sayan8

    For Kolkata guys..whre i can get 7750 at cheapest rate????

    Please tell me where i can get 7750 for my freind at cheapest rate in chandni chowk...... please tell the shop address...........
  18. A

    cheapest possible replacement for my ati radeon 4670

    Hi My Ati Radeon 4670 graphic cards got artifacts and also hdmi port is not working. It seems its kaput so need the know cheapest alternative to it with at par or slight improvements as i was satisfied with the speed of that card. Right now am on onboard graphic of my intel dh61ww. The only...
  19. amruth kiran

    I5 3450 compatible motherboard.

    Hey guys! On the look out for a motherboard for i5 3450. Obviously will not overclock . . So guess no need any z77's. . . Budget CHEAPEST POSSIBLE .
  20. theserpent

    Just For Info:Which is the cheapest controller for GTA 4

    So well i heard that its really fun to play gta 4 and hack and slash games like Darksiders 2 with a controller. So which is the cheapest controller available in (Flipkart,hs18) or any other site which will work with gta 4 etc. Budget say 500 or lesser. :( Just need it for info,not sure if i...
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