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  1. A

    Cheapest MiFi 3G router with SIM card slot and batter operated?

    Which is the cheapest MiFi 3G router with SIM card slot in India? I already have a good wireless router, so this doesn't need to be a costly one, this will be used only when travelling(well, obviously). And it also must be GSM, it wont hurt if it supports CDMA as well, but GSM is a must...
  2. Siddharth_1

    Best LED Tv...

    Requirements- Full HD Slim design Loud Audio Which is the cheapest LED that fulfills these requirements? Plzzz reply...
  3. S

    Cheapest iphone option in India ?? (Can import from abroad as well)

    Hey fellas.. A relative of mine needs to purchase an iphone for himself. He just wants to try it out and hence isnt looking for the more advanced ones out there. So what are the cheapest options available for the iphone in India.. ? iphone 3GS it is i am guessing ?? Pls do mention other...
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Which DTH HD provider should i go for?

    my main requirements 1) number of hd channels do not matter but ESPN HD is a must 2) STB should be the cheapest possible. (DVR option not required) and monthly subscription charges should be the cheapest possible too. 3) most important: channel changing should be the quickest. hate lag...
  5. D

    Cheapest CPU Upgrade for desktop

    Looking for cheapest CPU upgrade for my age-old desktop, as I already have 2 laptop. Desktops will be mostly used by my parents, as they are more comfortable using mice. Requirements: 1080p video playback and little gaming, photo editing + basic computing. Budget: max 15K-20K
  6. Nerevarine

    Cheapest PRINTER with Direct DVD

    I need the cheapest DVD Printer available for my Dad, I already own an HP F4100 and I dont need another AIO.. Please suggest
  7. S

    Cheapest Motherboard for i5 3450 ??

    Processor: Intel 3.1 GHz FCLGA1155 Core i5 3450 Processor | Processor | Flipkart.com PSU: 400w, No cooler/heatsink Other devices: 19inch 1360*768 res monitor, 9400gt (i know its backdated), No optical drive, 160gb HDD(bought 3yrs ago, i've external 500gb do no worries for space) Sole purpose...
  8. Nighthawk12

    Where can I get cheapest iphone 4.

    Please help guys.
  9. papul1993

    Cheapest possible 15" laptop

    Hi, I need the cheapest possible 15" laptop. Main requirement is 24x7 runtime capability. Basically, it shouldn't stop working after about a month running 24x7. Should be powerful enough to play HD videos. Need at least 2 GB RAM. Will be running Linux. Intel based laptops preferred. Also...
  10. ajai5777

    Cheapest gamepad which supports FIFA 12

    I want a cheap gamepad that supports FIFA 12. The cheapest branded one is Logitech F310 @ 1250/- I am looking for much more cheaper one. Please suggest one if you have experience with cheap gamepads.
  11. digit06


    guys please tell me the cheapest AM3+ processor (AMD):|
  12. adikumar2010

    Cheapest 46" Full HD TV

    I want to buy 46 inches Full HD TV which I can buy in india because there are some models which are on the website but when I ask the shopkeeper he tells me that these are no longer available or are not available in indian market. I will be using Xbox 360 and PS3 to play on it. Companies...
  13. V.VAIDYA

    How to view channels on pc monitor?

    I have a samsung syncmaster 2233 full hd monitor for my pc , tell me the cheapest way to get tv viewing from the dish tv set top box. Set top box has component ports white, yellow ,red and NO dvi or vga port. Monitor has dvi as well as vga port , I need help to get out put on the monitor in...
  14. T

    Cheapest DSLR ?

    as the Title says i want to know which is the cheapest DSLR presently in the market i aim for a 10k but is my 15k max budget i would buy its in the coming month somewhere in the ending on July i have really no idea about cameras i have heard that Dslr starts from 20k or so is it true ?? and what...
  15. patkim

    cheapest CPU + mobo

    Would like to know what could be the cheapest CPU (AMD Sempron) + mobo+ RAM (max 2GB)combination. I wish to upgrade my standby PC, (based on Athlon XP & more than 6 yrs old) to this one. all other components like cabinate, SMPS, HDD(PATA) etc to be reused. This pc won't be used more than avg 1...
  16. I

    Suggestions for buying dirt-cheap IEM headphones

    Hi, I want to buy dirt-cheap = cheapest available in-ear headphones. Primary use: Listening music and audiobooks on my mobile phone (Nokia N79) Audio Quality: Decent (not looking for extremely high quality, but not very bad either) Budget: Cheapest, less than 500 I can buy online...
  17. reniarahim1

    Cheapest Phone with Wifi HotSpot

    Hi All, I am looking for the cheapest phone with Wifi Hot Spot which i will be mainly using as Wifi Router only :-D Wifi Hot Spot is the only requirement..... TIA
  18. A

    ANgel pad - How bad it can be for 2200 Rs.

    Whats ur opinion on this? Angel Pad, Cheapest but the best TABLET Computer of the World
  19. abhishek00990

    cheapest 1 Ghz android phone??

    Hello digit. Been a fan for over four years. Would like to know of the cheapest android my money can buy. I am not looking for a good camera or facebook integration, just a 1ghz processor, ample RAM, and hardware qwerty if possible. Brand namess don't matter. Reply soon guys. Running out of time.
  20. cute.bandar

    Cheapest DVR option ?

    what is the cheapest DVR option available in SD ? is there any option to have a DVR with local cable wallas ?
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