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  • teaher of 'IEM' are not good, except for 2-3 teachers/dept (according to my standard).
    Assuming that same teachers or some of them going to teach in 'UEM' too, I've said that. If they hire other local teachers at your place, thing could be totally different. Also they are adding 2-3 more dept at that collage.
    Don;t worry about placement. You will get enough. But you won't learn anything in that collage. Sh!t teachers. (mostly M.Tech students)
    Yes. Got offers from: CTS, Wipro, Infosys, Ericson. I didn't go to the Accenture placement. Otherwise would have got that too.
    Most of the students got offer from first 3 companies.
    Ah! I just completed btech from their main collage: IEM, Salt Lake, Kolkata. ;)

    I was asking because of one of your post I saw in this forum yesterday which I eventually forgot. :)
    ended up getting the HD7770 but from theitwares as flipkart couldn't get me the Msi HD6670 :p
    Thanks for your response on my thread !
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