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Recommend Cheapest Phone having caldav and Carddav protocol


Broken In
Hi Friends

I am looking for a basic phone. Having a good battery life (on standby, calling and 2G sync).
My requirements are :
- GSM/EDGE (do not mind 3G support but thats not mandatory)
- Good battery life with decent response (Do not want to click address book and wait for 10 seconds to load as done by basic 5-7K android phones)
- Basic features : Calling, Conference, Mute, Speakerphone, Calender, Alarm, SMS
- Must have : CalDav and CardDav protocol so that my calender and Contacts are synced with my orignal provider.
- Dual sim (active-active) preferable but not mandatory.
- physical keyboard preferable but not mandatory may be normal, qwerty
- Should be decent enough to be taken to office... no chinese jazzy ones please...
- Preferable brands : International (Samsung, nokia , LG, SONY) over Indian (Micromax, Karbonn, Spice). Big no to Chinese ones (...)

Budget: As low as possible but i do not mind stretching to a 5-7K.. beyond that it wont make sense as decent android phones start coming on these budget and would not solve my issue

I already have nice collections of phones (Nokia Belle, android 4.X based phones), however the biggest issue with them is their Battery. Hence looking for a faithful phone for my calling (mute, speaker and 3.5mm jack must), SMS (viber / whatapp support preferable not not mandatory) with CalDav and CardDav so that all my phones are always in sync and i do not loose my address book incase of lost/broken/stolen phone...
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