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  1. R

    help me find a mfd

    i guys ..... please suggest me a good affordable mfd ... for home use .... i only need b/w printouts ..... won't be printing more than 15-20 pages per month ..... need scanner funtion to digitize some of my books. also need to know about the cartridge price and the no. of pages that can be...
  2. S

    1. Need advise on budget MFP (All in one printer) purchase

    I am planning to purchase an all in one printer with the following features for home usage 1) Print 2) Scan 3) Copy (Xerox) My priorities are 1) I don't have any issue with initial purchasing cost. However it should have very low running cost. I can't afford to spend high amount for...
  3. g_goyal2000

    Delhites - Where to get faulty cartridge replaced?

    Hi guys/gals, I bought an original HP color cartridge sometime back. It hasn't been used much. But today, it developed some problem by itself and is not being detected by my printer. I checked and the printer is detecting another color cartridge. So the problem is with the cartridge...
  4. H

    printer buying advice needed ::

    Well friends i am done with my epson cx5500 , it's head if coagulated , and i have no idea how to clean it , manually software not working properly . emptied all my cartridge in cleaning the head , :@ i hate epson , they suck they say their cartridge prints more than 400pages, then they are...
  5. g_goyal2000

    HP Cartridge problem

    I have an HP Deskjet F4288 All-in-One printer which is out of warranty. It uses HP 818 black & HP 818 tri-color cartridge. I have genuine, non-tampered cartridges installed in the printer. The problem is, this morning the printer & cartridges were working fine. But in the afternoon, when I...
  6. prateek007391

    HP Officejet J3608

    I recently bought a HP Officejet J3608 All in one Printer. Earlier I was searching on internet, and found Officejet J3680 All in one and all its features were good, and the most impressive features was that it uses the same cartridges as my old Printers HP D1460 and HP F370 i.e. 21 and...
  7. S

    Choose between CANON PIXMA MP258 All in One Printer and HP DeskJet F4488

    Hi Guys I am planning to buy All in One Printer with Print,Copy,Scan functionality. My general use will be normal use of text print out and Text copies and will be using scanner more often. Till now I have finalize 2 models 1. CANON PIXMA All in One Printer - Print Copy Scan MP258 2...
  8. D

    HP Introductory Cartridge - No Ink what to do

    I am new to Printer. Recently I purchased HP D2668 inkjet printer which came with HP Introductory Cartridge 818. Can I refill it. Can I use printer with one Black Cartridge only if color cartridge is finished. After refilling a cartridge, how many pages can be printed.
  9. A

    HP Officejet 6500 Wireless (AIO/MFD)-under warranty

    My HP Officejet 6500 Wireless (AIO/MFD) is up for sale. I got this AIO/MFD from HP as a part of the their delta testing program in February 2009. The delta program completed on April 2009. I received the certificate of ownership from HP on April, 2009. So the printer is in warranty till April...
  10. R

    Need suggestion for Monitor, Wireless Router and AIO Printer

    Please suggest me the following 1. LCD Monitor (budget 6000 - 7500) Size : 17', 18.5' and 19' (larger size also ok) Brands: Samsung, LG, Acer, and AOC (is this brand good) Usage: net browsing and Office application 2. Print, copy and Scan - AIO Inkjet MFD Printer (budget 3500 - 4500)...
  11. clmlbx

    Facing problems with my printer ?

    It has started giving cartridge error . your cartridge on left side needs to be replaced. well I have just refill cartridge and properly connected . it gives error and then if I reinsert it, it starts working. now this is problem for every time I print. and 1 more I had 1 Black & white...
  12. L

    What is a re-manufactured ink jet cartridge?

    one guy tell me that I need to re-manufactured my ink jet cartridge. So let me know what is the actual term it is.
  13. N

    How should I handle my cartridge?

    Hello Friends, I am Nelson Batten. I am from LA California. I am new here and I need information on inkjet printers like how should I handle my cartridge? Thanks,
  14. Y

    My HP Printer doesnt print cyan or yellow

    I have a HP Deskjet 720C color printer. It has been unused for a long time now. So I purchased ink and refilled the black, cyan and yellow inks as there was still magenta ink in there.... I am sure I have followed instructions correctly. However, now whenever I print yellow or cyan, it just...
  15. lethalweaponforever

    Game Boy Advance

    Just discovered a 2 yr old GBA SP Platinum with me...can nyone suggest some good games for it....How much will a flash cartridge cost for GBA( that is something like a pen drive for a GBA) Anything i can do to tweak its performance or something???
  16. MetalheadGautham

    GameBoyAdvance Flash Cartridge

    I owned a GBA SP which I gave to my younger sister an year back. The problem is that its games are pretty costly. Also, homebrews are not playable in it. So I decided to find a workaround. I heard about the FlashCartridges for the GBA which can be connected via a cable to the PC, and ROMs can...
  17. satyamy

    Printer refilling issue

    I have HP 3920 Deskjet Printer Recently i refilled its black cartridge but after refiling in the printers option it show "no/low toner" my cartridge is fully refilled but dont know wht the prob............? can someone tell me.........?
  18. linardni

    Level of toner....

    How may I know the level of toner in cartridge of HP Laserjet 1020 printer?
  19. chesss

    Compatible cartridge & other printer problems?

    Compatible cartridge costs & other printer problems? Hey, all Got probs with my printer Printer Info Cartridge in use HP27 & HP28 Model: HP 3745 (comes under 3000 series) Q1. - skip to the Q2 if you don't feel like reading plz Now I had the B&W cartridge(HP27) refilled from the...
  20. K

    printing fotos

    hello all I've got a hpdeskjet 656c printer.Now recently when i tried to print a foto using hp glossy photo paper,the print quality came out real bad(individual pixels cud be seen),even though before printing i had changed the settings to the max.i tried printin another foto but the result was...
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