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  1. N

    Need answers regarding HP cartridges

    I am using HP PSC 1608 printer with 2 cartridges(8766 tricolor and 8765 black). 1. Can I use only one cartridges becos I normally don't use color one. (Actually I want to know can I remove the color one from the printer and use cartridge protector till I want to use.) Is it possible to use...
  2. linardni

    Cartridge Refill...sahi process

    I own a HP 3420 model Inkjet printer. For refilling its cartridge I purchased an Amkette black e-fill Inkjet refill system. However the HP cartridge (HP 27) doesn't fit into the refill clip of amkette. Hence I refilled the cartridge by injecting ink into the vent below the sticker with an...
  3. rajeshgovindan2005

    Buying Printer....plz help

    Guys...I am planning to buy a budget printer within 3k.....considering stationery and cartridge cost also...?plz help
  4. champ_rock

    hp printer

    i have a officejet 4110 all-in-one......... it is acting strangely.... gives black cartridge error ... works fine if i remove the blcak cartridge...... can u tell me where is the hp centre located in delhi(it is out of warranty)..... (or maybe some local guy who can come up and have a look)
  5. g_goyal2000

    Printer Trouble

    I have a HP PSC 1410 all-in-one printer. It comes with a HP 21 (black) & HP 22 (color) cartridge. The problem is, I recently got the black cartridge refilled. Now, whenever I turn on the printer, it aligns the cartridges & prints an alignment page everytime. I don't have a problem...
  6. Satissh S

    ink cartriges vs Refilling

    I have a canon i255 color printr. It ran out of blak ink. Should i go for refilling or buy a new cartridge? :?:also note that a dealer nearby told he wod give blak cartridge for rs.150 , Don't remember its name (i tink it's epson). Help Please? :roll:
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