1. H

    Help needed buying all in one wireless printer

    I'm looking to buy an all in one wireless printer. I'll probably print 10-20 pages in one month and not print anything in another. This is going to be my first printer. So, I don't know about maintenance or cartridge cost or how long a cartridge will last or things like that. I can't figure out...
  2. bubusam13

    Need printer suggestions for photo printing

    Hi Guys, please suggest me a printer capable of giving good quality photo printout and also having auto duplex printer. A CISS capable printer will be much better. I need for home printing only. Presently I am having Epson TX121. And it is not detecting the magenta cartridge. I replaced with...
  3. soyab0007

    Canon E510 Printer with different catridge - Possible

    I am having canon E510 printer, where I was short of black Ink cartridge Have purchased Canon CLI-8 Blk Ink cartridge from local shop for Rs 610.. Later found that it doesn't support my printer. Whereas my printer support Canon PG-88 local shop person is not taking it back.. Is there any...
  4. patkim

    HP 1515 printer - Request for inputs before purchase

    Friends, I have shortlisted HP 1515 printer. It seems to be available from around 3.7 K to almost 5K price range. Would be great to know some more info thru this forum before I go ahead. Typically what’s the life of a cartridge if not used much? As such the usage shall be relatively less...
  5. G

    Pixma mp287 - am going to break this printer - help me

    I have this PIXMA MP287 Printer I dont know how to fix this problem The cartridges are installed Color and Black. Black is refilled, color cannot be refilled and is not working The Color ink light keeps blinking. Why cant it start printing if only black ink is full and refilled and the...
  6. S

    Which cartridge for HP Deskjet 2050 (J510A)?

    Hi all, I have a HP Deskjet 2050 (J510A). Surprisingly I am not able to find which is the correct cartridge for this printer. Various websites are giving conflicting names. I want to buy it online so can anyone guide me to the correct cartridge and where I should buy it from? Regards
  7. Revolution

    Laser Printer Refilling

    Hi, Guy, Where do u do ur refill for laser printer cartridge/toner and what the usual cost ? Actually I don't have much idea about refilling. I'm LF skilled and reputed shop. Heard doing something wrong could damage the expensive laser cartridge. I wanted to buy a mono laser printer for...
  8. Knight2A4

    Classic Games
  9. sanny16

    Refilling hp printer cartridge from outside

    Is refilling of printer cartridge safe? I have HP deskjet 2050 printer and hp 802 cartridge is used. I want to refill my printer cartridge from a local shop instead of buying a new cartridge.
  10. patkim

    need buying advice all in one printer for home/personal use

    Looking for All in one printer at home. Any suggestions / inputs would be great. Budget is around 4 to 5 K. Also wish to know if the cartridge would go bad if not used for longer time. I don’t see my usage going over 50 pages / month. Thx.
  11. M

    Suggest a laserjet printer(refill friendly)

    My old canon mp160 cartridge is no longer looks strong.Even after refill unable to get prints.Properly doesnt know whether problem is with cartridge or with clog mechanism.So buying a new cartridge and if still the refilling have mess with clog mechanism will prove an expensive mistake. Since...
  12. S

    Canon Laser Shot - LBP2900B Printer

    Hello, I am planning to buy "Canon Laser Shot - LBP2900B Printer" and wanted to see if anyone use this..... If yes, Kindly let me know.... 1. Can I refill the cartridge before going for a new cartridge? 2. What is the length of the USB Connectivity cable? I printer will be stationed...
  13. Shibaprasad

    Should I go for Brother Printer?

    I need a all-in-one inkjet printer under 6k and I like some printers from Canon and Brother (Specially Brother all-in-one). But I know nothing about Brother's quality and service and also about cartridge refilling at Kolkata. So any one using Brother printer? plz help
  14. R

    Printer,scanner,copier within 4k

    Please suggest a printer,scanner,copier all in one 1.Price range max-Rs.4k(the cheaper the better) 2.Possible to refill cartridge. 3.Cheap prints Dont know much about printers.Please suggest me one.Thank you.
  15. P

    Suggest All in One Printer (Printer, Copy, Scan & Fax) for home use

    Friends, Looking for All in One printer for home use Features Required. Printer Copy Scan Fax Wi-Fi - Will be added cream, so documents can be directly printed from laptop (No need to take laptop to printer) Not looking at refilling the cartridges (refilled cartridge spoiled one...
  16. The Conqueror

    Do you Refill Your Cartridges?

    Do you refill your cartridges or buy a new one? I have ordered a DIY Kit for my HP 21 Cartridge and as far as I know, drilling a hole is not required for this cartridge. Please share your experience, if any, on refilling cartridges.
  17. C

    Suggest Inkject Printer below 8k

    Hi, Can someone suggest inkJet printer below 8k. Only need black and white printing. It will be good if cartridge replacement price is low. Thanks, Chris
  18. J

    Printer - Epson or Canon

    Hi all, Please help me in selecting a low cost, economic printer, from the market. I searched and found out two : PIXMA iP2770 - Canon India - Personal Epson Stylusâ„¢ T13 The rate i prefer should be less than Rs.3000. I usually refill the cartridge. So, please suggest me the best...
  19. Sarath

    Review: HP B110a All-in-One Print/Scan/Copy Inkjet

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer - B110a PRICE: Rs.7600 (bought locally) Current price on 2.7.11 REVIEW: I had 5minutes to decide which printer to buy and couldn't read about it much before buying, so I wont be able to make any comparisons to other similarly priced and...
  20. jatt

    HP Deskjet 4488 printer problem

    Dear frnds, Here is HP DeskJet 4488 printer. It’s not working with color cartridge while working well with only single cartridge (black).Replaced cartridges with new one. But no solution. And after that I replaced its complete cartridge set with another working printer but no solution. Please...
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