1. Phantom Lancer

    Are We (Indians) Racists ?

    Though this issue never crops up when i have a talk with my Indian friends it almost always crops up in all my conversations with my friends abroad and leaves me very embarrassed . Our Fair and Lovely Adverts are a standing joke abroad ..... It gives everybody the idea that Indians hate to be...
  2. hahahari

    Help Needed For doing Masters Abroad

    Hi, I am a final year BE student. I have an aggregate of 75% till 6th semister and am pretty sure it will be 76.5% by the time I finish engineering. I am doing my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation. My 10th English: CBSE: 90% My 12th English: State(TN): 78% Please advice...
  3. din

    Happy Independence Day

    No thread started yet ? Or I missed it ? To all members in India and abroad. Happy Independence Day.
  4. D

    Help !!! regarding studies abroad

    i M studying in 2ND YEAR DIPLOMA in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. This is a three year diploma course & after 3 years i wish to study abroad, so could u pls. suggest me which is a good country & a universities where i can pusue my further carrer ????
  5. D

    m tech/ms in abroad

    i m b tech (e.c.e) 3rd yr student. i want to go abroad for m tech in embedded systems. plz. guide me for that. what should i do now ?
  6. E

    Study Abroad in the US or Canada

    Hello, if you have any questions about Study Abroad in the US or Canada and other country please feel free to post here. I would be happy to provide you with helpful information. Have a good day!
  7. RaghuKL

    Aussies 8 down 2 to go India on verge of series victory!!!!

    Aussies are returning to pavilion just like indians would naturally do when then mostly tour abroad. http://imsports.rediff.com/score/in_match9213.html Congrats Guys... Now 9 down
  8. N

    6 months industrial training abroad

    i am doing computer engineering and i want to know if i can do the six month training abroad? if yes, what would be the procedure for that?
  9. R

    MS or M.Tech

    what do u prefer me to do MS or M.Tech??? where can i do it??? in India or abroad??? i am doing my B.E (Cse)...
  10. K

    Grey Market!

    I wanted to buy a Canon SX100 IS. It seems the price abroad is almost half of indian price. Well, I am not lucky enough to have any relative abroad, so I was thinking I should try Alpha in mumbai. Will the price there be cheaper (like abroad)?
  11. D

    Importing a Laptop (Urgent!)

    hello everybody i'll be going to malaysia soon for 4 days and I'm planning to buy a laptop there and bring it with me when I return to India. what I wanna know is,am I gonna have to pay any import duty for the laptop? please keep in mind I'm an Indian resident going abroad on a 4 day vacation...
  12. chesss

    Buying cpu from abroad

    I have almost decided to wait and buy conroe E6400 when it comes out in July. And from what I have read I would have wait for a long time for conroe in India. SO tell me ppl, is it feasable to buy the cpu from abroad (usa) , then buy a compatible mobo, psu, ram locally and assemble...
  13. H

    Motorola Razr V3x

    hi fellows, I want to buy the motorola Razr V3x 2MP Cam, 3G phone.. anybody knows how much it costs here, also if I buy it abroad can I claim warranty here in India?? plz reply, Thanks in Advance
  14. amitava82

    AGP from abroad. how much tax i have to pay??

    i find AGPs r cheap abroad. my sis is coming frm Italy. so if i ask her to get one AGP frm there how much import duty i have to pay? and also for an iPod too.. 8) :D
  15. I

    Costs involved in Getting LCD's from abroad

    Anyone has any idea about the wisdom of procuring LCD's from abroad.It's quite cheaper in most of the countries like US, China etc... I have friends there who can get it for me. Any idea about the warranty issues here and how important(the warranty) will be for a 17" LCD from a reputed firm...
  16. Maverick340

    Abroad or In Here

    Hmmm... My dad's going abroad so i ws thinking of preparing a list of stuff he can get... I think electronics goods are cheper there so best to invest in a MP3 player ,Digi Cam and a Pen drive and stuff like dat... Main thing is i wanted to compare the prices... About MP3 players....well it...
  17. C

    I need a MENTOR

    I am an engineering student of final year computer science and engineering.... i m developing a download manager for Linux environment.... and i need mentor ... the UI will be designed using qt and i plan to code the back end in C++ .... if someone can metor me for the project i would be...
  18. H

    price difference in india and abroad

    I wanna know is there any price difference for CPU(AMD64) in India and Malaysia/Singapore. I would be going to malaysia/singapore in next month and wanted to upgrade my rig. please tell me is there any price difference there and is it good idea to buy the CPU and Motherboard from abroad...
  19. S

    Ooh! Help me please.

    Well, let me say it clearly. I do not know anything about computers and the only reason I am here is because my system is malfunctioning. Please help me. It says that I have a device error when i switch on the windows. Earlier my elder brother used to do something, but now he is abroad and he...
  20. C

    bout buyin parts from usa

    sup ppl1 just a short question... is it possible to buy ur comp parts from abroad (USA) nd use it on ur home comp? will ur thing bust or something?
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