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I am a final year BE student. I have an aggregate of 75% till 6th semister and am pretty sure it will be 76.5% by the time I finish engineering. I am doing my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation.

My 10th English: CBSE: 90%
My 12th English: State(TN): 78%

Please advice with regerads to which country is best to do my MS(Related to Electronics and Manufacturing) and also if someone has someplace where I could get more comprehensive info as the cource offerings and the best universities in the specific country. I am really looking forward to the experience as I want the exposure I could gain from studing abroad.

My unresearched list of countries to study:

  • UK
  • AUS
  • US
  • Singapore


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In my opinion- (most of my friends are abroad doing MS/PhD and I have been on research interns abroad)

US: Best country in terms of infrastructure. Good payscales, scholarships and quality research. It has to be US. I can tell you a lot about US institutes esp. in my field VLSI. I don't know what exact field you are targeting.

Singapore: I have worked with guys from NUS and NTU and have friends who have been to them. I think research quality is good and quality papers come out from some groups. A professor from there told me that govt. is indeed pushing for research with considerable amount of funds. It might be a good idea. He was looking for students to work under him.

However, if you plan to do a PhD after that I am not very sure a PhD from there is that good.

UK: If you're not going to one of Cambridge institutes it's not worth it. There are some other good institute's too but you will need to tell me your exact field for me to figure out whether it's worth.

Aus: No idea.

Europe: You may also consider EPFL institutes in Germany. ETH Zurich (Einstein's insti) is very good. Many Nobel laureates thr and quality research. Also, Zurich is a very beautiful place to be. They pay well too if get some TA or RA'ships. Highest in europe.
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